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Can we get the Zaurus some love?

Contributed by sean on from the portable puffer fish dept.

Marco Peereboom writes: The Zaurus port is up and it runs just about anything anyone needs on the run. This easily is one of the coolest things that has been done by the OpenBSD community in a while.

Theo is always checking on us from the ship on it; so beware of the man who carries a zaurus :-)

For more information see the Zaurus port page

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  1. By Wim ( on

    Now that the console is in the right orientation, no more neck pain!

    OpenBSD 3.7-current (GENERIC) #74: Sun May 1 19:26:25 MEST 2005
    real mem = 67108864 (65536K)
    avail mem = 53374976 (52124K)
    using 844 buffers containing 3457024 bytes (3376K) of memory
    mainbus0 (root)
    cpu0 at mainbus0: PXA27x rev 4 (XScale core)
    cpu0: DC enabled IC enabled WB enabled LABT branch prediction enabled
    cpu0: 32KB/32B 32-way Instruction cache
    cpu0: 32KB/32B 32-way write-back-locking Data cache
    pxaip0 at mainbus0: CPU clock = 415.993 MHz
    pxaintc0 at pxaip0 addr 0x40d00000: Interrupt Controller
    pxagpio0 at pxaip0 addr 0x40e00000: GPIO Controller
    pxadmac0 at pxaip0 addr 0x40000000 intr 25: DMA Controller
    saost0 at pxaip0 addr 0x40a00000
    saost0: SA-11x0 OS Timer
    com0 at pxaip0 addr 0x40100000 intr 22: ns16550a, 16 byte fifo
    com1 at pxaip0 addr 0x40200000 intr 21: ns16550a, 16 byte fifo
    pxaudc0 at pxaip0: USB Device Controller
    ohci0 at pxaip0, version 1.0
    usb0 at ohci0: USB revision 1.0
    uhub0 at usb0
    uhub0: PXA27x OHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
    uhub0: 2 ports with 2 removable, self powered
    pxapcic0 at pxaip0
    pcmcia0 at pxapcic0
    pcmcia1 at pxapcic0
    lcd_pxaip0 at pxaip0
    wsdisplay0 at lcd_pxaip0: console (std, vt100 emulation)
    wsdisplay0: screen 1 added (std, vt100 emulation)
    zkbd0 at pxaip0
    wskbd0 at zkbd0 (mux 1 ignored for console): console keyboard, using wsdisplay0
    scoop0 at pxaip0: Onboard Peripheral Controller
    scoop1 at pxaip0: Onboard Peripheral Controller
    zssp0 at pxaip0
    apm0 at pxaip0
    zts0 at pxaip0
    wsmouse0 at zts0 mux 0
    zaudio0 at pxaip0: I2C, I2S, WM8750 Audio
    audio0 at zaudio0
    clock: hz=100 stathz=64
    wdc0 at pcmcia1 function 0 "HITACHI, microdrive" port 0x0/16: irq 138
    wd0 at wdc0 channel 0 drive 0: <HMS360404D5CF00>
    wd0: 32-sector PIO, LBA, 3906MB, 7999488 sectors
    wd0(wdc0:0:0): using BIOS timings
    ne0 at pcmcia0 function 0 "BUFFALO, LPC-CF-CLT, R01" port 0x300/32, irq 137
    ne0: address 00:07:40:fb:ae:6e
    boot_file: 'bsd'
    boot device: wd0.
    rootdev=0x1000 rrootdev=0x1000 rawdev=0x1002

    1. By xhrl/thomasw ( on

      indeed, "easily one of the coolest things..." i am going to get one of these gadgets for sure. seems to be the best place i have found so far for shipping western canada. any other suggestions? thanks, xhrl.thomasw

      1. By scrooge ( on

        kmoon, you can buy z3000 from 690EUR.

        1. By Wim ( on

          True, but I intend to only ship to OpenBSD users in Europe, Shipping to Canada would be possible but due to extra shipping costs and exchange rate issues, is not as interesting as to our 'local' users.

          1. By thomasw. ( on

            i had a bit of a chuckle about the dark big rock lager in that newest zaurus photo:) though i am a slightly bigger fan of the made-in-bc shaftebury cream ale, I have to say 'cheers' for picturing a fine manly brew in the zaurus photo; it makes the gadget even more appealing. btw, i would be pleased to support OpenBSD through buying my zaurus at if doing so would actually help the developers out. But i think having to deal with and ship to a canucklehead might be more of a pain than it is worth. respectfully, thomasw.

            1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

              > i had a bit of a chuckle about the dark big rock lager in that newest > zaurus photo:) Yeah, 2283522 byte pics are really cool

            2. By Jim ( on

              "I have to say 'cheers' for picturing a fine manly brew in the zaurus photo"

              I take it European Honey Brown is stronger than the American version? I don't know if "manly" is the term I'd use to describe the Honey Brown I can pick up at my local supermarket...

              1. By thomasw.xhrl ( on

                it is not american, rather it is brewed in alberta, canada iirc. canadian microbreweries tend to brew more full-bodied, 'manly' ales and lagers than the more popular breweries like molsons. not sure about usa beers or ales...i don't drink them:)

              2. By roT ( on

                If you mean strength of alcohol and not flavor

                America measures alcohol percent by weight, not by volume.

                Alcohol percentage by weight divided by .794 = Alcohol percentage by volume. (i.e. 3.97% by weight/.794 = 5% by volume)

                Alcohol percentage by volume multiplied by .794 = alcohol percentage by weight (i.e. 5% by volume X .794 = 3.97% by weight - close enough to 4%, "eh")

                1. By tedu ( on

                  > America measures alcohol percent by weight, not by volume.

                  not the america i live in. :) everything says "5% alcohol content by volume" or somewhat.

                  1. By roT ( on

                    Yeah I know. I don't think it is standardized. I believe some beer doesn't list it at all. I was referring to the myth that Canadian beer has more alcohol than American. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I just replied too quickly.

                    I'm not arguing if Canadian beer tastes better. I don't want to start a war or anything.

        2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          I seriously hope that is actually running on a zaurus. :)

          1. By Wim ( on

            No, it's running on an i386. I use subdomains to make distinction between the services and products we offer, like soekris, netgate, soekris and some others.

            1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

              don't forget soekris, soekris, and soekris

    2. By Mitja Muzenic ( on

      Cool! Couple of questions, though:
      1. As it says on OpenBSD/zaurus page, the builds are native. How long does it take to build kernel / userland ?
      2. What kind of connection is Theo using on the road to check on poor working bees? The GPRS PCMCIA card he mentioned having in the past?
      3. How's the battery life look like with a typical usage pattern?

      1. By dlg ( on

        1. Despite compiling many many kernels, I can't answer how long it takes since I usually only do partial rebuilds.
        2. He (like most of us) uses a CF 802.11b card supported by the wi(4) driver. there are ne(4) based CF cards in use too. I know there is some work going toward making a CF GPRS card work.
        3. I've hacked on the z for about 4 hours straight using only batter power.

    3. By cAPTAIN^k ( on

      usb0 at ohci0: USB revision 1.0 Forgive me if this is a you-should-have-slept-on-it-first question, but: Does this machine only have USB v1.0? Not 1.1 or 2.0? Or is this number quoted not related to the real-world USB version?

      1. By cAPTAIN^k ( on

        Argh, I forgot some of the formatting :(

  2. By Christian Jones ( on

    Ah, great work, but alas it still won't run on my SL-5500. Other than not having one to develop on, is there a hardware reason for not being able to run OBSD?

    1. By Christian Jones ( on

      Of course, I suppose it would have been easy enough to look up without posting:

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I've been looking into getting some type of hand-held system, and have decided to get a zaurus specifically because of this work.

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Does anyone know if we can run any other OS with the C3000 (of course, along with OpenBSD)?

    I'm looking forward to replace my Tungsten T3, but I've to be honest: I don't see a bright future keeping my appointments with something like 'vi todo.txt'.

    1. By Arnaud C. ( on

      My C3000 came with a linux/Qtopia and the OpenBSD install process (at least the one documented) kept it usable.
      Right now I have a dualboot capable PDA (press r on boot and you've got linux with PIM and co. press nothing and you have OpenBSD).


      but as a side note, if you want to use the linux you might prefer an english localized version instead of the japanese one I have on it...

      1. By thomasw.xhrl ( on

        perhaps this will help some if they want to dual boot linux with OpenBSD and use the linux in english:

    2. By m0rf ( on


  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    would platforms such as this warrant re-visiting something such as cgd(4)? or are we to stick with {s}vnd(4)?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      you can do it!

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        tedu@ already has it worked up (probably needs updating now), but i believe there may be some bigger reasons for it not going in, apart from patches

    2. By tedu ( on

      something such as? yes. cgd? no.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        such as what then

        1. By tedu ( on

          it's a little hard to describe right now. maybe when it exists, i can tell you more about it.

  6. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Can we use pf in this machine?


    1. By Brad ( brad at comstyle dot com on

      Of course PF will work on the Zaurus.

      1. By Marc Espie ( on

        Everything works on the zaurus. There might be one catch, which is that the floating point is not really fast, so multimedia stuff better use some integer routines if it wants to shine. Well, between madplay and tremor, mp3 and ogg work. I haven't looked yet what's the ideal format for video... there doesn't seem to be any adaptor present, which doesn't mean a thing except that the X server doesn't support it yet...

        1. By Johan M:son Lindman ( on

          Any chance of ever getting kmail to run on this thingy? Not needing KDE just the libs and kmail...

  7. By Toni Nikkanen ( on

    I couldn't help noticing the focus on the photo is on the beer can, not on the Zaurus screen. Somebody got their priorities right ;)


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