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3.7 cds are arriving early

Contributed by phessler on from the stickers-are-the-answer dept.

Many, many readers have written in to tell us that the 3.7 cds have arrived at their destinations. No drunken, dancing, movie taunting everyone has been made yet, but I have faith that someone will pick up the slack and send us a video. The FTP release will still be around May 19, but stay tuned for the actual announcement. We also have word that the new wireframe puffy shirts are sooper secksi. We here at Undeadly would like to extend our thanks to all of the OpenBSD developers for putting out such a high quality release, and wish them much beer and hacking for further way life.

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  1. By Allan. ( on

    If it wasn't planned this way, it should be. Official release date is the day of the FTP release while those who pre-order CDs get the release about a month sooner.

    Many people are both impatient and lazy to some degree. Getting the release via FTP is easier than ordering so they may FTP and not get around to ordering even if they intend to. However, if it can be gotten sooner by getting a CD, perhaps they will order.

    In any case, shipping the CDs close to a month before the release date should not hurt sales. Perhaps it helps.

    1. By Nonesuch ( on

      IMHO, releasing the CDs early and inconsistently encourages people to distribute ISO images in violation of Theo's copyright.

      I pre-ordered two months ago, my cow-orker sent in his order last week. He received his disks today, no sign of a shipment for me.

      How long can I resist the urge to "borrow" his authorized CDs and rip myself a set of ISOs?

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Copying the CD's is not allowed.

        However making ISO's available -before- the actual CD's
        are printed can NEVER be copyright infringement.

        1. By LeonYendor ( on

          Copying the CD's is not allowed. However making ISO's available -before- the actual CD's are printed can NEVER be copyright infringement.

          And the previous post was about how the poster's mate already had his CDs.

          How does that make the proposed ISOs legitimate? The GENUINE CDs are published or else the little turkey wouldn't have anything to copy. Not like he had the nous to grab the correct snapshot and do his own ISO like some of us do to prepare for the relaese code.

          Sounds a bit like the winderrrrs wanker warez kids can't wait until there is ftp stuff to d/load to puzzle out how to make a CD with and they can't "afford" to pre-order.

          Sheeeesh, what a bunch of clueless bludgers!

          (See Aussie slang dictionary for translation if you aren't AUS/NZ resident.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I am waiting... Anybody in India got em ?

  2. By tmclaugh ( on

    Is Grub drunk enough yet to grace us with a new video for 3.7?

    3.6 I Have my Discs

    1. By Brian ( on

      Thats awesome.

      Hehehe...I suppose on the scale of things you could/would regret the most that would rank pretty low...but...damn.

  3. By Nikademus ( nikademus at on

    I still haven't got mine.. But from website, it's unlikely I will receive them sooner than ftp release..

    excerpt from kd85:
    OpenBSD 3.7 is ready for ordering, order now. We are shipping them 20th of May

    damn, caught waiting.. :(

    1. By scrooge ( on

      yeah, thats not nice to get them after 19th of may. wim could send them out sooner. yeah, yeah, i know he is busy...

    2. By mattieu ( on

      I pre-ordered mine from and I received this morning the confirmation from UPS that my package will be sent soon.

      1. By Nikademus ( nikademus at on

        Cool, so I may get them earlier after all :D Great news...

    3. By Wim ( on

      Actually that is an estimate I wrote 2 months ago when we started the preordering.

      As we speak, a batch of packages is waiting to be picked up by UPS later this afternoon,
      most preorders that are in UPS zones that are fairly cheap are beeing shipped out with UPS instead of regular mail at no extra cost. Those who are lucky will receive a tracking number via email, the other will get their package as usual with A Prior mail.

      I hope by next release to ship out everything with UPS, but it's a matter of negociating better rates with UPS for countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.

      Anyways, due to various reasons out of my control, like the CDs having a couple of days delay to get here and religious holidays closing down businesses like the postal service on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week, I still hope to get everything out by next Monday, so by the end of next week everybody will get their All-in-one witch of the North good computing spell and brew kit.


    4. By mark patruck ( on


      got my openbsd37-set yesterday afternoon. (
      without a doubt, wim does an excellent job. never had any

      cu, mark

  4. By Anthony Roberts ( on

    Perhaps people would be prepared to pay for early FTP access, or pay for an official .iso and a license to use it (as that is owned by Theo). I realize somebody will probably reply saying "Buy a CD, it's worth every penny! I have every CD since 2.5." but lots of CD sales are being lost to FTP installs, so people apparently aren't doing that. An alternative that costs less and provides instant gratification may fare better.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      since people aren't doing that, they can wait. just buy a fucking CD already and support the project that makes the software you use. don't sit here and ask them to waste time on pointless offerings. you want OpenBSD, get a fucking CD and shut your trap.

      asdfkjaweofiajpwo329898yasdfkjahsdf ?ARGH

      1. By Anthony Roberts ( on

        Posting an angry rant here is unlikely to change anything.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          $10 bucks says that's Theo himself. ;-)

          1. By Nate ( on

            Not unless he has suddenly moved to LA.

            1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

              You can't trust a simple IP whois - proxies are a dime a dozen.


      2. By Anonymous Bastard ( on

        Please that post comments like this probably break their arms patting themselves on the back for buying a cd. Learn some humility and tact, please.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I certainly wouldn't. It's totally against the BSD spirit, besides which it would be circumvented by cvs'ing to 3.7 and making release. Your idea would actually provide incentive for someone to step in and offer downloads for half the price.

      1. By Anthony Roberts ( on

        That's a valid point, but that can be done now. Also, Theo holds the copyright for the .iso, so people other than him wouldn't be able to sell that. I'm not asking that it be done in that way as I probably wouldn't go that route even if it were offered, but it might make up for CD sales lost to FTP installs.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Theo holds copyright to the cd layout, and artwork I think, not content, which prevents me from ripping them and offering them for resale as is.

          Nothing prevents me from making my own cd's and selling them, under whatever name. Neither does it prevent me from offering paid ftp access to a self-made release under your scenario. It's morally dubious, but not illegal.

          And it's only morally dubious because the OS is FREE in the first place.

          I really dislike the idea of preferred access. Not in least because it would make second-class users of people who can't afford to pay the premium. Everyone should be able to use the OS, which was the idea at Berkeley.

          That's not to say other ways of providing revenue for the project shouldn't be examined, just not in this two-tier fashion.

          Tax hint: currently, if you make a donation with your order, the cd is billed @ normal price + donation.

    3. By Garton Lics ( on

      Time and time again the request has been made and each time the answer has been the same; "no".

      1. By Anthony Roberts ( on

        Well, it's not my choice so I can accept that.

    4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Better yet, why not just wait for the download and then make a donation equivalent to the cost of a CD set.

      1. By xhrl/thomasw ( on

        well i think getting the cds and a puffy shirt and making a donation will surely show your love for those smashing man pages and the zaurus port:)

  5. By sean ( on

    My copies arrived today with all every case broken just like back in 3.6 and 3.5. The CD's are luckily intact. It seems no matter how many you order they all get cracked and the insert tabs get busted off. I'm more amused than annoyed.

    I remember this being an issue previously with the typical response of 'buy a t-shirt for packing material' but for some, t-shirts are hard to sneak on to a corporate PO.

    1. By Martin Hein ( on

      You must have insulted some postal worker.

      I have been buying the offical CDs since 2.7 and they all survied being shipped from somewhere to Wim in Belgium and from him to me in Denmark.

      Last time I did order a Soekris at the same time and I dont think that counts as packing material.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        either way, if the man says they are damaged, then their damaged. Even if it really quite isn't his resellers fault, replacements should be in order if so desired.

    2. By Peter ( on

      Yep, mine arrived as well and while the CD's themselves are not damaged, the corner of the jewel case is broken and the little fingers that hold the CD's in place are are gone on all three plates.... Very much like for 3.6...

    3. By TheWallGuy ( on

      My last three CD sets were all missing the "fingers" too. I suggested before, and I'll repeat it now, that the CD's should be shipped in paper sleeves. Attach the sleeves to the jewel case. FWIW,

      1. By thomasw.xhrl ( on

        my order arrived today and the 'fingers' were broken as well, though the cds were fine: my brand spanking new wire-puffy shirt must've protected them:) looking forward to wearing my tshirt to work tomorrow. i like paper sleeve idea mentioned above, yet i wonder if such packaging is available to theo or is more costly?

        1. By Chad Stewart ( on

          My CDs and 2 t-shirts (one for my brother-in-law) showed up on Tuesday! The first machine to get updated was my Soekris 4801.

          OpenBSD 3.7 (GENERIC) #50: Sun Mar 20 00:01:57 MST 2005

          cpu0: Geode(TM) Integrated Processor by National Semi ("Geode by NSC" 586-class) 267 MHz
          cpu0: FPU,TSC,MSR,CX8,CMOV,MMX
          cpu0: TSC disabled
          real mem = 133799936 (130664K)
          avail mem = 115593216 (112884K)

          I'm happy to report that unlike my 3.6 CDs, this order showed up in perfect condition! The CDs were shrink wrapped (which I don't remember from past orders), and once opened, everything is as it should be. Maybe it was the two t-shirts. :)

        2. By X ( on

          Mine always too, the openbsd must find better box, or digipack to sove the problem !

  6. By sbr ( on

    my cd arrived today, in ottawa. and i even got something special. not a scratch on it. great job, openbsd sbr. ps. i do ftp installs and then buy the cd's anyway. most of my computers dont have cd drives. also i locally mirror the set im after, so i dont drain the openbsd site 6 times.

  7. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    *please* let mine come today ;) am in .us though so i'm not so sure. already runnin 3.7, but i NEED the stickers ASAP! well and the new wireframe tshirt to sport to work tomorrow ;) special for friday

  8. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    My cd-set arrived too, and the (very nice) t-shirt wrapped around it did a hell of a job protecting the cd's :-)

    Good job, Wim and the rest of the OpenBSD team!

    (now off to upgrade some machines ;-) )


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