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The Wizard of OS

Contributed by phessler on from the because-of-all-of-the-wonderful-things-he-does dept.

The Big Boss Man writes:
"I have just made available the OpenBSD 3.7 song at

Please be sure read the commentary I have written next to the lyrics
of the song. The artwork and lyrics for each of our releases relate
to something big we have been dealing with over the last 6 months of
the release -- our fight to get programming documentation and
redistributable firmwares.
" Theo continues:
"Normally the song is released about a month before the CD distribution
gets into full swing. We would appreciate if people can buy some of
our CDs and tshirts and such, so that we can continue doing this;

We've got the passion to keep doing this; but we do depend on you guys
to supply some of the resources :)

ps. Thanks for those of you who were very helpful at communicating to
the vendors about why open documentation for stuff is good. We have
had some successes, and we will have more in the future. All closed
vendors open or fail, eventually.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Pink floyd (DSOM) is said to be tightly coupled with Wizard of Oz, it's funny to see them in the new song.

  2. By Frank Denis ( on

    A remastered version of the song can be downloaded from

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      -v, plz

    2. By tmclaugh ( on

      Your suppossed to release a song based on a horrible fourth generation master first. Then years later release the remastered version with expanded artwork (new stickers!?!?). To make it even better, only re-release half the catalogue in the US because of label issues. (I waited years for Animals to make here.) :)

      1. By Frank Denis ( on

        I didn't receive any uncompressed version yet, sorry.

        1. By tmclaugh ( on

          No problem, obscure Pink Floyd reference. :)

  3. By almeida ( on

    Is that supposed to be Stallman next to the Scarecrow puffy?

  4. By Michael ( on

    You always had heart
    You always had courage
    Did somebody fart?


    1. By Fabio Olive Leite ( on

      I don't get the fart reference... was there any famous fart I should remember?
      I mean, not that I can't produce my own inf[l]amous gases, but for that fart to make it into the music it must have been THE fart.

  5. By Rob Sessink ( on

    Nice work guys/girl, greats effects and buildup of the song

  6. By SleighBoy ( on

    Call me picky,but.. Shouldn't "the lion" have been represented as a Lionfish?

    It's not as if it does not fit the agressive fish theme or anything. And puffers and lionfish can co-exist, so it would even be aquatically correct.

    Also, how about a Dogface puffer for the "dog"?

    I understand the need to make them all Puffer-esque, but other illustrations feature other fish.

    The illustrations are always amusing though.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Look at us, we are discussing this for what reason!!? We've all become NERDS!! I am really starting to hate myself...

  7. By Grégoire ( on

    Awesome. Great job, really.


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