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OpenBSD Pakistan Users Group Established

Contributed by grey on from the growing the community dept.

Shahrukh writes:

The idea of a user's group came to our mind in year 2003, when we first installed a distribution of OpenBSD. Previously we were using Linux as the default gateway and firewall. We were looking for secure solutions which runs on even the most basic old i386 machine without the need of upgrade for long years.
OpenBSD lived upto it.
Visit us at : OpenBSD Pakistan User's Group

It's great to see more users groups appearing, and for our readers wondering if there might be one in their area, or those who plan to establish one be sure to check:

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  1. By SH ( on

    "OpenBSD is the smoothest running and the most reliable UNIX available out there with feature like compatibility with Linux and other UNIX distributions."

    Since I'm a lazy slacker, I like the OpenBSD GENERIC kernel : No need to compile a custom kernel for supported hardware (in general). This makes for a smooth installation.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I'm glad this kind of thing is allowed in Pakistan. I had gotten the impression that they were one of the evil countries that doesn't allow ordinary people to use strong crypto.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I think you're confusing crypto import and crypto exporting. Most countries will gladly import crypto, while many, like the US, dont like to export it - one of the benefits of having OpenBSD developed in canada, no export restrictions.

  3. By Siju Oommen George ( on

    Hi Sharukh,

    Glad to hear about the group and all the best ahead. may something good come out of your group for both OpenBSD and its users in Pakistan :))

    Your fellow Indian brothers also have a similar thing.

    Its not OpenBSD specific. A general BSD one.

    Wish you all good luck once again :)))

    kind regards


  4. By doctor ( on

    Hi Shahrukh. Contact me on my email please. I would like to speak to you over the phone.


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