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Kerneltrap - 'Out of the Box' Wireless Support

Contributed by grey on from the make it go before making it go fast dept.

Thanks to robert and others for quickly pointing out the following:

KernelTrap has a feature which goes into length about the wireless support in OpenBSD 3.7. It starts of going into a small overview of the chipsets that 3.7 will support, the origins of that support (in a few cases) and then delves into the politics (ie. firmware licensing). The importance of having at least minimal support for a wide range of chipsets is dicussed at length. You can find the complete article here:

Features like this are great, while the OpenBSD community has been leading the cause we need more of this kind of exposure to raise awareness throughout the FOSS community and keep the heat on uncooperative vendors.

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  1. By dcoppa ( on

    What about monitor mode for Orinoco nics?

  2. By Noryungi ( on

    I know somebody is probably working on this as we speak, but... I'd like to put together a wifi network in the near future... so is it possible to have a detailed list of (well-) supported wifi cards? Something like "brand ; chipset+driver ; model" would be great.

    (In the worst possible case, I'll wait for 3.7 to come out, and I'll take a look at the supported hardware list)

    1. By Foxy ( on

      See manpages for wireless drivers :
      - man 4 wi :
      - man 4 awi :
      - man 4 an :
      - man 4 atw :
      And read the kerneltrap article : all new wireless driver are listed and each manpage gives a list of supported wireless cards.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    "If you have no basic operation with a chipset, you are 100% fucked. "

    LOL; Theo, Theo, Theo... >=)


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