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OpenBSD on PA-RISC Presentation

Contributed by grey on from the hppa or humppa dept.

Someone from NYCBUG writes:

NYCBUG Monthly Meeting March 02, 2005

Michael Shalayeff: OpenBSD on PA-RISC

6 pm, Soho Apple Store at 103 Prince Street

Michael "Mickey" Shalayeff will talk about the hppa port of OpenBSD which he maintains. He maintains many of the applications which run on this peculiar platform and will provide some insight to the inquisitive as to what this combo can do.

Mickey has contributed heavily to the CARP project which has become such a success. It is hard to find some code which Michael has not at least influenced in OpenBSD. He seems to be dextrous on any hardware platform and is equally well versed in PCI as he is SCSI. Mickey is readily available on the message lists and is always happy to help impart some of his vast networking knowledge to beggars and sysadmins with a smile (;

Update! An mp3 of the event is now available here: (link CORALized to distribute bandwidth load requirements)

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  1. By George ( george at nycbug dot org on

    We will also be doing some fundraising for the May OpenBSD Hackathon.

    For those who donate $50 or more, they will receive a free NYC*BUG tshirt that we just got in. After subtracting the cost of the tshirt, the money will be sent for the Hackathon.

    Sorry, no picture of the tshirt online yet. . . but it has a customized dmesg on the back and the NYC*BUG logo on the front. . .

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      i've heard for $100 mickey will even make a table dance on a 712!

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        nah. there was a hired stripper for that...


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