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stsh 0.3.1 released

Contributed by grey on from the cleanups and manpages are good dept.

From Jose Nazario's blog, there is a new version of stsh out here:

NOTE: NO FUNCTIONAL CHANGES SINCE 0.3! just some code cleanups to get rid of lint warnings, and i added a manpage.

Undeadly readers may also find the tip regarding lint(1) useful as well seen from this blog entry:

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  1. By thomas wildeman/xhrl ( on

    thnx for the man page. respectfully, thomasw/xhrl

  2. By Andreas Kahari ( on

    It's nice to see that at least some other people are using lint(1). It's equally nice to see that the list archives gets exercised every now and again :-)


  3. By Simon ( janus <at> errornet <dot> de on

    Nice work... maybe a chance to get it into the tree?

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    is this freshmeat? no code change? who cares.


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