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Undeadly back up, after two bull in china shop outages...

Contributed by phessler on from the wrath-of-bob dept.

Hi Gang, just wanted to apologize for the protracted outage.

The rack that undeadly resides in was undergoing extensive surgery yesterday morning, including putting some new stuff in it. During this time thanks to the completely retarded cable management crap hanging off the back of these machines (any of you with D'Hell 650 1U's with it on
it feel my pain) I bounced the power on it. Scheisse. Daniel called
me on it once I was back on line and I reset it, Unfortunately I don't think it was up for more than half an hour when it happened again, thanks
to more minions digging in the rack. I didn't see it go offline
again, and didn't notice until I woke up this morning.

Anyway, the D'hell cable management crud is now in the slag heap
in the corner of the center and I'm adding the machine to my monitor
stuff (my bad that it wasn't) so I get called when it dissapears.

Mea Culpa


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  1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

    Thank you for taking care of this, Bob.

    1. By Bob Beck ( on http//

      Taking care of it? Heck, I'm the bull in the china shop!

      Anyway, sorry for the disruption.

      1. By Anthony ( on

        When you're providing a free service to the community, you get a whole stack of "get out of jail free" cards for when there's downtime. :) Check out Macslash. It goes down almost daily, but people still go there.

      2. By djm@ ( on

        Bob, I thought that you only kept "slaves", not "minions". What gives?

        1. By Bob Beck ( on

          Sensitivity training ya know. It's not polite to call them slaves.
          minions is so much gentler, yet still conveys that sense of

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Yeah we threw all that Dell cable management crap in the garbage. I almost can't believe some of the junk that Dell comes up with.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      if undeadly hates dell so much, why are you running on their hardware? i buy dell hardware. i like dell. even before i was hired by them.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        becuase its cheap crap. You do get what you pay for. For my important servers I get used compaq. I'll take a 5yr old compaq over the shiney new d0rk any day.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          I love my Dell servers and hate compaq with a passion. I just dislike the cable management systems on their rack servers.

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            compaq? HAHAHA! oh god.

          2. By Brad ( brad at comstyle dot com on

            Compaq is pretty bad but Dell is just that much worse and don't even start on IBM.

            1. By Bob Beck ( on

              Horsefeathers. I've had good stuff, as well as utter crap
              from all of those vendors. You should know better Brad.
              You simply have to know what you're ordering.

              To Dell's credit, I've never had any other vendor where
              I can buy a machine speculatively, and then they've put crap
              in it that OpenBSD can't support, I simply do their "30 days no questions asked" - send it back, tell them why, and they don't even blink.
              I've done that twice now and gotten no hassles. - Probably a big
              reason that I actually do buy a lot of their stuff.

              And as far as IBM goes. Same thing. Some stuff is crap, and some of
              it's great. I love my 325E's.

      2. By Bob Beck ( on

        I don't hate D'hell hardware. I buy a lot of it.

        Just the cable management crud that comes with the 650.

        Every vendor, even that which makes good stuff, has some
        bits that were obviously thought up by a crack-addled rhesus monkey.

        I wish they made amd64's - I'd probably buy even more of their stuff :)

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          are you running a powervault?

          then speaking of cable management:
          Dell Engineering has determined that the following Tyco cables are suspected of causing issues when attached to a PV220.
          The Tyco cables can be easily identified by checking the high-density connector that attaches to the PERC. A black covering on this end of the cable indicates it is a Tyco cable. Amphenol uses a metallic cover (Figure 1). In addition, Tyco cables were manufactured using two (2) different suppliers for the raw cable - MADISON and COPARTNER. The supplier name is printed approximately every 12 inches on the cable. Only Tyco cables using the COPARTNER raw cable are suspect of being marginal regarding SCSI impedance requirements.
          a. Dell 1H18x cables using the COPARTNER raw cable have been purged from manufacturing and only the Amphenol cables are shipping with new systems at this time. Tyco has re-qualified their cables and new part numbers have been assigned to both the Tyco and Amphenol cables (see new part numbers below).
          1) New Cable part numbers
          2) Kit Number Part Number Description
          3) K3392 J3430 1-Meter, U320 SCSI Cable Kit
          4) K3393 J3431 4-Meter, U320 SCSI Cable Kit
          5) K3394 J3432 8-Meter, U320 SCSI Cable Kit
          6) K3395 J3433 12-Meter, U320 SCSI Cable Kit

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            the most helpful part of this post was Figure 1.


  3. By Bert ( thrashbluegrass at antisocial dot com on

    "it happened again, thanks to more minions"

    I tell you, minions are unreliable; I had a similar problem with mine bringing back abnormal brains a while back.

    1. By Ben ( on

      Ya.. but who else do you hire? Super Villian Agents are costly. Plus after a while you have to beat them into submission or else they may think they can take over the Evil Empire and leave your great Evil Geniusness out on the curb.

      - Ben

      1. By Bert ( thrashbluegrass at antisocial dot com on

        Yeah, but I'm gonna have to upgrade my service to the Agents.

        Dealing with 'em ain't so hard, I just use a modified OpenBSD-powered baby-mulching machine.

        1. By Bob Beck ( on OpenBSD powered Baby Mulching Machine...

          This crops up everywhere. It really belongs in theo.c

  4. By johannes ( on

    ..I didn't even notice the outage. :)

    Thanks for keeping undeadly up and running though. And thanks for the status update!

    btw, funny Scheisse is used in English too ;)


    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      FWIW I'm a native English speaker and I've never heard or seen Scheisse before. It's not used in common speech, maybe in certain ethnic circles. Anyone have anymore insight into this?

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        bob just likes making fun of zee germans.

      2. By SH ( on

        May I suggest you broaden your horizons somewhat ;-)

      3. By johannes ( on

        Oh, I see. I thought that it's maybe like rucksack or kindergarten which are German words too.
        Thanks for the correction though.

      4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        A dictionary isn't enough to explain the context, but better than nothing I suppose.

        schiessen is to blunder?

        1. By Olli ( on

          schiessen means to shot something/one ;)
          scheisse is used to explain the same thing if a native english speaker says "shit". (scheisse comes out of your bumb ;) )

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            It's always nice to know the slangs. ^_^

      5. By pgilman ( on

        the english word for "scheisse" is spelled B-U-S-H.

    2. By Bob Beck ( on

      I've just been around daniel and henning and markus writing code too much. they sit on a counch and type quietly (well, daniel and markus at least) and then then every so often "Scheisse" comes out of their mouth..

      Maybe it's just an instinctive reaction to being around Germans.
      "Nicht Schiesse - Ich bin ein Kanadiener..." ;)


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