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Some drivers can now make use of the new /etc/firmware directory.

Contributed by grey on from the pulling some firmware out of the kernel dept.

Though we are posting this a bit late for the initial call for snapshot testing, the change for certain drivers to refer to /etc/firmware is notable. More can be read about this in Theo's post here

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  1. By evild ( on

    i think this is a great idea, and it simplifies the installation/distribution of firmware with lame licensing for those of us who are stuck with legacy hardware.

  2. By Pete ( on

    I looked for /etc/firmware in the CVS tree to see what sort of device this does/will refer to, and ofcourse didn't find it. As a quick link for others interested in this, see here:

    relevant CVSWEB entries...

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Since these drivers are not in the kernel directly, doesn't this open the possibility of someone embedding a trojan and tricking the kernel into loading it?

    1. By djm ( on

      The kernel doesn't load these into itself or execute them on the host processor, it loads them into their respective hardware. Also, firmware loading is typically done at device attach time, and the files are root owned so there is little new risk to this approach.


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