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Metawire Back Online

Contributed by grey on from the can't keep a good shell down dept.

Thanks to Stelianos G. Sfakianakis for updating us with the following status report on's shutdown:

Metawire is back online, and fully functional. All data and all accounts have been restored and are ready for use. It also seems they have learned the identity of the person that performed the DoS attack that took Metawire offline and all available information has been forwarded to federal authorities, pending investigation.

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  1. By ViPER ( on

    Can't keep a puffy down.
    Salute !

  2. By Sacha ( on

    Congrats :-)

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Although it's cool to see them back online, the web designer needs to be fired for requiring flash support just to see the name of the site accross the top of the page. lame.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I'm behind a proxy and I can't access: (lame) Your ip of has hit the ban mask of: 80 58 34 107 Access to our website has been removed. If you believe you received this message in error, please e-mail

      1. By Research Student ( on

        "3. DO NOT APPLY FOR MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT !! ( is as most things, a resource limited project, and HOGGING ACCOUNTS IS NOT A NICE THING, and will only get your IP, or IP class BANNED FROM REGISTRATION)"

        This might explain it?

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          I don't care I use dhcp.

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            ... and my provider has lots of different classes.

            1. By SH ( on

              Leaching filth are everywhere. /SH

            2. By Research Student ( on

              Look, if you read between the lines. If anyone at your ISP did anything Metawire considers abuse, that would explain your problem. If a few people from your ISP did a run on Metawire, they probably did what they said they'd do.

              I'm not trying to be an ass I'm just saying that your problem is both explainable, and imaginable. I'd contact their support, and ask a few questions if I were you.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Naah. You can see the site's name in the title. Just plain HTML. The Flash thing is a nonessential gimmick.

    3. By Enachioaie Alexandru ( on

      well, believe it or not, the website was one of the reasons we got delayed with putting things back online. we felt like coming back with something different, maybe a tad more accessible, simpler and easier to manage. this started a long series of debates along what lines the site should take and who should do it etc etc and when we realised we were taking up too much time with the damn thing, we just tweaked the old one a bit and decided to go with it, at least for the time being, until someone does a better job at it, or someone steps up to do a design for us.

      the IP banning is a necesary thing. we've seen a great deal of abuse, specifically, but not restricted to warez peeps signing up for dozens of accounts from proxies and such. we have had no choice but to ban these, and the website is one of the nices ways to do it, seeing as we could have just easily had it filtered out. besides, it does specify that, if you believe the IP ban is not justified, you should contact us and we would investigate the matter. each one of our users stand testimony that our efforts to support each and every support demand we receive have been impecable, and mind you, this is not an easy task, as we all have real life issues, be it work, school or otherwise.

      bottom line is we are back, and we are going to keep providing the same unmatched service we have been providing for over a year now.

      thanks again to all the people backing us up.

      riddler of

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Metawire Service Status: OFFLINE?????????????

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      You may need to flush your cache.

  5. By Nikademus ( on

    Yahha, my account is back.. I never hoped we wouldn't have to register again.

  6. By Kint ( on

    Failed to connect
    The host could not be contacted. If this persists, you should contact the administrator of the remote site.

    DDoS'ed again? ;)

    Just some afternoon, XMAS humour for ya.

    1. By zee ( on

      Not exactly. We are still working out some issues with pf and implementing a few new ideas, so some small downtime is practically inevitable. Todays downtime (the first after our start-up) was caused purely by human error aka our clumsiness - we didn't notice an error in one of our pf rules, which in turn blocked all incoming on the main interface. Besides that, the machine wasn't down, as it responded to icmp, but did rst's for all other attempted connections to it. Either way, sorry, no Christmas humour for you, silly monkey. Thanks to Dhartmei and all the other users who have offered their support to us. It's appreciated. ;) -Dan

      1. By Kint ( on

        Awww! I was just pulling your string, in any case. Happy to see Metawire back online.

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        hey, I tried to apply. got a reply from noone but himself that the name I used in my application was not a real one. If it's foreign to you it's suspicious right? my sagacious friends, u r Sukkerz.
        why do you need the exposure if u r so scared?

        1. By br1an ( on

          i dont know who denied your application or why we even require a realname
          in the first place, but please submit a form again and i'll personally
          make sure its accepted.

          i am sick of public services asking various details about people; if
          someone wants to maintain an anonymous ident online, for whatever
          reasons these may be, (as i also have my own) we will not be the ones
          to prevent him from doing so.

          i'm sorry your application was rejected. as i said, submit a new one
          and it'll be added.

          1. By Catcher ( on

            ignore this last post from br1an please, he is no longer affiliated with metawire.

            slez: your application was not rejected because of your realname slot, it was rejected because of the reason you supplied for wanting the unix shell, and I quote "to use on irc". that's it; that's all. that's the only reason you supplied, and no offense, but those reasons get rejected alllllllllllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. It's too short; we don't accept apps from people who look like IRC junkies--that being said, we have a lot of IRC junkies on Metawire, but we look for people who want to use all our features, webpage/learning to script/compilers/to be part of a great community that stresses community involvement in all its users/etc.

            I don't even know why I'm on here clarifying myself to a whiner who assumes too much with minimal fact and no real word from a real admin, who instead bashes a good honest unix shell host because of the FORM LETTER THEY SEND OUT TO ALL REJECTED APPLICATIONS, ie everyone rejected sees THE EXACT SAME THING NO EXCEPTIONS, but, I'm just that nice :)


            1. By br1an ( on

              yes, i am no longer affiliated with big-brother metawire. the reason i replied here was not because i suspected that his specific application was rejected because of *his* fake name, but for that actually being a measure that approves or denies new users from being added. if you or anyone else on the metawire team wants to play internet psychology and 'analyze the iq of the users according to the realname they supply' or 'at least have something to give the gov to chew on when they ask for it', then yeah, i don't want to be a part of your service. (and i'm dead sure the 'gov' really needs the realname field from metawire and without it law enforcement would totally collapse)

            2. By Research Student ( on

              "to be part of a great community that stresses community involvement in all its users"

              So you want your little piece out of our lives? You want "participation" from your users? Wow, you ask allot for a free shell. Most people I know would be happy to plug away in their little corner, and log out when they're done. Nothing pisses me off more than getting interupted in the middle of coding genius. I've lost lots of code to being interupted. When you go back to it it's just not where your mind is. Your muse is gone.

              BTW, the main post was off, but your's sir was just wrong. You talk "community", but you sound like a raving ass. I don't think anyone wants to be subject to your fits in any community. Get some perspective, or just shut your mouth.

              "A closed mouth collects no foot." --unknown

              1. By zee ( on

                Just to point something out, noone interrupts you while you're logged on. What Catcher was referring to was, _if_ you decide you want to gain "higher priviledges" on the system, such as more disk space, or more bg processes, you have to get involved in the community- either through participation on the forum, irc or even submitting work you've done, be it code or whatever else.

                Noone forces you to participate in any shape or form. So your maint point doesn't hold much ground any longer. What was that? Get some perspective or shut your mouth?

                "You ask a lot for a free shell", I beg your pardon?
                You might not know, but it takes a lot of work to keep the service going. Besides the obvious, such as us putting up servers and sharing our bandwidth, there is also the fact that countless hours have been and are being spent on administrating Metawire, and keeping it running. And what do we ask in return? For you to fill out our signup form truthfully? My outlook might be different from others, but I certainly do not think that is a lot.

                Buy your books with cash.


                1. By Research Student ( on

                  ""You ask a lot for a free shell", I beg your pardon?"

                  Yes if the measure of that is asking for time out of my already overbooked schedule, or did you not really understand my main point? Next time think, then type. If you can't think, then don't type. Now I understood what you said about my main point; if true then I yield that point to you, as no longer at issue.

                  "And what do we ask in return? For you to fill out our signup form truthfully? My outlook might be different from others, but I certainly do not think that is a lot."

                  So you take my point ignore what both he and then I said, then make up your own point which was never at issue Dan. Here's a quote from Catcher: "your application was not rejected because of your realname slot" So what real issue do you have to discuss, or do you just have impulse control issues just like he did?

                  To be clear about: "Get some perspective or shut your mouth?" you don't sound like a raveing ass, you just sound like you can't read, or hold more than a single thought in your head for more than a few seconds.

                  "A closed mouth collects no foot." --unknown

                  1. By Technomage ( on

                    I hate to say this, but this condition is, more often then not, true for 99% of the human species (and I am guilty of it myself in more than one instance). Part of this has to do with upbrining mostly.

                    still, it is better to think first before reacting. However, there are times when one doesn't have time to think. This isn't one of them.

                    just my $0.02 worth.

                    -- Technomage hawke


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