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SSH: Ditch your passwords

Contributed by mk/reverse on from the this-makes-me-forget-my-sudo-password dept.

Brian Hatch has written two nice articles for SecurityFocus on avoiding having to use your passwords when using SSH for remote logon.

If you are using SSH a lot when working, e.g. for CVS access, you should definitely read this nice introduction to using SSH keys for single sign-on. It will make you work a lot faster while improving security.

The first part is here, and the second part is here.

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  1. By Brian ( on

    If any of you are using macs and, how do you go about using ssh-agent? I'm currently manually running a shell script that starts ssh-agent and writes the enviroment variables to a file that is read automatically by the shell's profile.

    Maybe someone is aware of a more elegant solution?

        1. By Brian ( on

          I installed it am running it now. It seems to work great and eliminates the need for a proxy script that I've been using to forward ports.

  2. By SeppoE ( on

    I'm receivung nothing but microsoft ad, top'ed by some href code snippet.

    1. By blake ( on

      I've been using SSHKeychain for about a year. I highly recommend this app for OS X users! The new built-in tunneling feature is great. :)

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    ssh-agent definitely saves you the hassle of distributing public keys between combination of servers


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