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Contributed by grey on from the developers developers developers need to get to c2k5 dept.

Thanks to Kevin MacPherson for bringing to our attention to a request for serious c2k5 Hackathon sponsorship here.

In the past, hackthons have yielded substantial results, with improvements to such things as pf, porting to AMD64 and even SMP support. With lowered CD sales and lack of large grants, a financial shot in the arm needed is if we hope to reap such rewards in 2005.

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  1. By Chas ( on

    I have given a lot of money to/for OpenBSD in the past. I might be more inclined to do so now if I could see exactly what I was supporting - if I could somehow sponsor a developer working on a specific project that interested/could benefit me. For example, I'd probably fork over $100 towards in-kernel PPPoE.

    While I have every faith in OpenBSD's developers in the technical merit of their activities, some improvements are more useful to me and some less. In the face of falling CD revenues, allowing money to drive development efforts may be the best available compromise for all.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      it's great that you wish to donate, but 100$ is certainly not going to be able to support very much in the way of development. They need large & small contributors. So, whilst your 100$ would be great, they still need a lot more than that.

    2. By johannes ( on

      Admittedly I know close to nothing about government/state grants, but wouldn't it be possible to try to get other state grants if the DARPA thing didn't really work out that well? In different countries from different state instituitions.. :-? Of course that'd mean a lot of paperwork at well.

    3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      mmmmmm I long for the day when we can use in kernel PPPoE. And yes I've donated and bought each CD release since 2.7

    4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      > For example, I'd probably fork over $100 towards in-kernel PPPoE.

      For example, the "in-kernel PPPoE" project receives only $500 in total. What should they do with the money, since it's not worth starting knowing they won't finish, while other priorities take precedent? What happens is there will be many of these specific projects with little donations as different donors want different "features", while the main goal itself suffers from less funding.

      Do you really think they could generate more donations by allowing donors to donate towards specific projects? There's a small limit to the funding (I've read they barely get enough;) and if you divvy it among everybody's favourite features, then the project as a whole declines.

      This suggestion comes up every time there's a need for more donations - just search for it. If you trust OpenBSD to release great stuff and you can afford it, send them some cash. Show your generosity with a donation without asking for any return.

      1. By Sean Brown ( on

        Donating for specific projects is a bad idea, but wouldn't it be nice to know what they were going to be working on during the upcomming hackathon. Knowing that they are planning to work on something that you really need would motivate others to donate more they they would if they were just hoping that something would be worked on. I would also just like to know what to expect.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          If you're really curious, join the "CVS Changes Mailing Lists." You don't have to wait until hackathon to find out what they're doing.

    6. By millert ( on

      Actually, Can Erkin Acar ( is working on kernel-based pppoe. I suggest you contact him if you want to try out what he has at the moment (it does work)...

    7. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      $100 does not even pay for the room for 1 night... If you really want to donate for specific things, be prepared to step up to the plate with a little more than $100. Say $1500 for a flight for someone, or the roughly $1000+ it's going to cost for a room at the hackathon? And yes, I've done it in the past. This year unfortunately I can not do so.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    You would think that "With lowered CD sales" they would be able to get you the cds on time. I ordered mine on Oct 9th and I think that they are just now shipping:-( The nice lady who responded to my email said that they were behind. Oh well, just my angry rant. I do hope that some big contrigutors step up to the plate. Brian

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      At least you got a reply to your email. I ordered on the 3rd September and have had nothing since the original order confirmation.

      1. By Lennart Fridén ( on

        Guess I shouldn't be surprised that my order of 31st October is nowhre to be seen. Next time I most likely won't order a set of CDs and just donate a tenner or two.

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Oops. I did get a second email about my order (credit card declined.) But Hotmail's super-dooper spam blocking (sarcasm) put it in amongst all the Viagra offers, so I never saw it. The nice lady emailed me again and I spotted the new email amongst all the offers to enlarge various parts of my body, so we are back on track.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Normally the cds take about 1-2 weeks after the release date to get to me. This time around I got them about 2weeks BEFORE the release date.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I would give some money, but he's canadian.

    1. By Kevin ( on

      Yawn. Go home. This is the same guy that kept claiming that the OpenBSD CVS resp. was hacked. Seriously, what do you have against OpenBSD? These are people who spend their time and money to give away something that benifits everyone on the internet. I'm kinda curious why you keep trolling on undeadly, because that's a pretty lame way to spend your time.

      1. By sickness ( on

        I did't know this could be translated :P

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I'll consider donating for the hackathon when my paycheck arrives.

  5. By Steven Lacroix ( on

    After reading this, I promptly went to donate. I know why Theo gets fiery, after some of the comments I read (not just on this topic). Everyone is so quick to complain and yet can't be bothered to help with the project. I know I can't help with code, but I use and love OpenBSD. I get excited by things such as OpenBGPD and CARP. PF is second to none! There is no system I would trust more than OpenBSD for security. Thats got to be worth a $45 CD. I am not obtuse or selfish enough to finance only features I want. I know the money I give goes into making this system more secure, more reliable and if certain functionality is missing, I know the team will introduce it only if it makes sense. Our financial support will ensure that. Come on, lets donate or buy CDs and show our support.

  6. By Anthony ( on

    Theo complains that people don't buy CDs anymore, but honestly I can see why. The shipping is unreliable and slow and they're sometimes damaged when they do arrive. I'm not saying the CD would be popular if shipping were better, but poor service only encourages its decline. I'd be willing to bet that sales would improve if next-day shipping were available from Amazon.

    It's easier to just do an FTP install and then just donate however much seems fair. Buying a CD for the symbolic value and then doing an FTP install because the CD won't arrive for another month just doesn't make sense to me. The only benefit I saw in the past was being able to upgrade a week or two before everyone else.

    1. By chad ( on

      I've never had a problem getting the cds since I started getting them with 2.4.

      1. By Brian P. ( on

        I have *always* gotten my cds late no matter how early I pre-ordered. This is my fourth purchased release. Oh well. It would be nice to be able to pay a little extra and get time guarenteed shipping. I'm not a poor college student anymore and would happily spend ten extra bucks or so if I could get them faster/on time.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          I don't order my CD's via the OpenBSD Site. I preorder them at one of the bigger bookstores.
          3.5 was on time and 3.6 was 1.5 weeks early.
          One and a half week early and that's including shippment to germany.

          There should be a statement why the CD's arrive so differently timed.

          Is there a problem with the "cheap" CD pressing? Only pushing out small amounts of CD's at a time? Is that a cost thing or to prevent too many copys to be made?
          - Such kind of stuff. Tell us what's up and we will forgive. Only if we cant understand the situation there will be assumptions that wont do any good.

          I do not smoke anymore. So more spare money to donate.
          Stop smoking and be good to yourself and OpenBSD! ;)

          1. By Brendgard ( on

            Let me take a stab at fielding that one. The date they are due out is just a deadline, nothing more. If the guys doing the coding don't have other things pressing, and can get the code done quicker, they get it turned in faster, say a week sooner than planned. They get it to the CD plant a week ahead of time. The plant just so happens to be waiting for a delayed package for another run, so they have the plastic and manpower on hand and get it done a week and a half ealier than planned because everybody is feeling up to snuff that week. On the way to the distribution warhouses, the truck drivers doing the delivery all get green lights and few cars on the road because everybodies watching a game, they only take 3 days instead of 4 that was planned. That week the mail is light in the US Postal Service que because it's the middle of the month, all the bills are out and none of the payments have made it back into the system yet. Instead of 5 days for delivery it takes 4. By the time it gets to you it's now 2 weeks early.

            If everything goes perfect, the CDs are early, but they can't be promised then because we all know we don't live in a pefect world. There are more bugs than hoped for and they have to earn something to eat as well. The plant is backed up with the last order. The trucks break down and have to wait on that person driving 35 in a 60 sone, or WAS driving 90 in a 25 zone and isn't moving at all anymore. When things go wrong, it pushes the actual release time out, sometimes even past the planned ship date.

            It isn't OpenBSD's fault, it's just life. That help any?

    2. By tedu ( on

      if an ftp install and donation is easier, great. do that.

    3. By Noryungi ( on

      Well, I ordered 3.6 on Nov. 10th and I received the package today, on Nov. 19th. I don't call that "late". As a matter of fact, I almost always order the new version on the day of its release and delivery has always been prompt and professional. The only exception, so far, has been 3.5, but (AFAIK) that had nothing to do with the OpenBSD project itself.

  7. By gwyllion ( on

    Maybe it's a good moment to point at another donation request. aaron@ is asking for Prism GT/Duette/Indigo based wireless cards. Read his post on misc.

    I'm curious if the firmware licensing is already dealt with. I assume they will start from the FreeBSD driver pff.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I got mine a bit late, that was unusual but I knew they were doing the best they could because I have been buying CD's, t-shirts, etc for years. One time I had a damaged poster, they resent one immediately free of charge.

      When mine did arrive I discovered it was wrapped in several sheets of newsprint. Addressing the breakage issue quite practically. The usual suspects up there always do such a great job. Imagine how many other places would take personal care to add packing material in response to a reported (and likely rare) problem. No other outfit that I know of.

      People need to eat and if at all possible, more. The folks who sell picture frames at every mini-plaza do it. The neighborhood coffee shop does it. Any flunky with an MCSE gets to do it. Why the hell shouldn't the best working computer scientists get to?

      It's a choice between using one's intelligence to realize that action must be taken on their part, or having a retailer make the choice for you and setting the price. Either way if you want to play you are going to pay to participate.

      For the OSS Unix folks out there who don't/can't make a living by hawking lectures at O'Reilly's OSS conferences or other places, the BSD license gives them their rightful due to most politely get paid.

      Donate motherfuckers!

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Sorry, this was meant to be a reply to the top level issue.


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