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Theo de Raadt to speak twice in Edmonton next week.

Contributed by grey on from the Edmonton OpenBSD congregations dept.

As can be seen on the events page, Theo de Raadt will be speaking at the University of Alberta on November 17th. Detailed information on the UoA talk may be found in this post but here is the time and location information:
Speaker: Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD lead developer
Where: Nov 17, U of A  Computing Sciences Center
       CSC B-02, 1400-1700 Hrs.

Having attended CanSecWest in previous years, I've learned that UoA is home to a number of OpenBSD proponents, some of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, and many of them are sure to be in attendance. This sounds like a great opportunity to see not only an interesting presentation, but to meet other OpenBSD users and even some developers. We highly recommended this event for those who can attend.

Theo will also be speaking for the CIPS Edmonton Security SIG on November 18th. Unlike the UoA talk, this does not appear to be an open event. However, you can check the local chapter webpage here, which has details on previous event locations as well as information about non-member walk-in fees.

UPDATE has more up to date information on the November 18th talk. Unfortunately, this update probably comes too late to make reservations (I was dealing with MUA problems, sorry), but it should go without saying that everyone who can't make the CIPS SIG meeting (or even those who can) should definitely attend the UoA talk.

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  1. By SubAtomic Toad ( on

    That's great. I need to get to the UofA to work on a big machine there. Maybe I can time them together. :)

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I think this has been mentionned already, but would it possible for the CUG at UofA to either record this session on video/audio, and make it available online?

    I'm sure a battalion of OpenBSD zealots such as myself would be willing to assist in mirroring such type of files; another consideration could be using bit torrent.

  3. By Jason ( on

    Actually the CIPS meeting is open, it just costs $19 CAD and you have to preregister.

    Check out the CIPS SECSIG page for details:

    cips web site

    This is wicked, I can hardly freakin wait...

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      So that's like 0.75 USD, right?

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on


      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Funny. Actually, it's more like $16 USD.

        1. By oops ( on

          Mod parent up, I assigned the neg. point to the wrong comment.

      3. By grey ( on

        I know you were joking, but actually, for those paying attention to worldwide currency. CDN took a boost after Bush's reelection. USD continues to plummet relative to other prominent currencies. It's noteworthy that Cuba, which had only been using USD officially since the early 1990's has recently decided to switch from them as well; while partially a political move, it seems like it also may make for sound economic sense.

        1. By krh ( on

          If I understand these things correctly, USD has never been the official currency of Cuba (it's long been the Cuban peso), but it is the de facto currency of Cuba. Now it's not allowed to be that, either. Considering the unreliability of the Cuban government and the consequent lack of trust in the Cuban peso's stability, this is probably a bad move for the Cuban economy--but we all know by now how much Castro cares about the welfare of his own people...



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