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Errata announcement - reliability fixes available.

Contributed by grey on from the bug fixing dept.

Thanks to Brad Smith for letting us know that there were four reliability fixes made available for 3.6 today. Here are direct links to the 3.6 patches for restore, bind, pppd, and lynx. Additionally here are links to 3.5 patches for bind, pppd, and lynx. Of course, you can also download these from the ftp mirrors.

As always, please be sure to read the descriptions on and for more information, especially since we've kept this post short rather than include the full description for each patch.

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  1. By Anthony ( on


    I'd noticed the bind issue.

    1. By Anthony ( on

      I can confirm, the dns latency is now low enough that it's faster than using my ISPs DNS server again.

  2. By Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido ( santana at openbsd org mx on

    This is new to me. The patches were backported to 3.4 also.

    Binary patches are being built while I'm writing (except for 3.4, sorry, I can't afford maintaining three releases)

  3. By pgilman ( on

    was the bind bug something found in stock isc bind or was it something introduced by openbsd-specific patches? in other words, is this a bug which affects all platforms, or just openbsd?

    i don't know where they keep bind bug reports; the bind home page mentions only a few CERT advisories, the most recent of which is dated 2002...

    can someone enlighten me on this?


    pete g

    p.s. maybe it's time for OpenNAMED? the openbsd cleanup of dhcpd & dhclient is a great start - the sooner the world is rid of the ISC's crufty garbage, the better, says i...

    1. By Otto Moerbeek ( on

      AFAIK, this is a generic bind bug. There are some reports on the bind-users mail list, but I have not seen any response from ISC itself yet.

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Anyone else having trouble with 'synproxy' in their pf rules under 3.6?

    1. By Brad ( brad at comstyle dot com on

      synproxy is broken with 3.6 -release. -stable has a fix.


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