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Contributed by phessler on from the transparent windows are fun dept.

Many people wrote in to mention that Matthieu Herrb imported X.Org 6.8.1 into the XF4 tree. The CVS mirrors should be reflecting the change by now, and at least one arch has updated snapshots. The change does mean that you'll have to pay attention, before you blindly update. Read the above link, as you'll have to do some things when you update. If you experiance any problems, please file a PR, or let Matthieu know.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I hope will be open to accepting the OpenBSD security enhancements to their project. I've been a bit nervous that security concerns may well be a bit too far from the front of their minds since they inhibit rapid progress somewhat. None-the-less, it was a necessary step to keep in sync will the abilities of the other freenixes. More and more apps will become dependent on extensions over time.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      By and large, it appears that alomst all Unicies have already made the switch to X.Org. XFree86 shot themselves in the foot. I am only left to wonder why the same kind of fork hasn't happened to the Apache Group for adding non-GPL (and BSD) compatable clauses to their license.

    2. By ajax ( ajax at nwnk dot net on

      Matthieu Herrb has commit access to Xorg, and has been committing fixes from OpenBSD since July. You can expect this to continue.

  2. By Kusk ( on

    Well support for Silicon Motion LynxEM+ has been broken since XFree86 +4.3.* and hasn't been fixed in, so in my shallow little world it's just "the same old shit"... But the development on is as far as I know better and faster than xfree86, so maybe some day I will see X shine on my Thinkpad again! Some day!


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