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Call for testing Citrus/Internationalization Support

Contributed by grey on from the i18n is better than 1337speak dept.

Thanks to jaredy for keeping tabs on tech@ and writing in with the following call for testing:

Kevin Lo has just posted a patch on the tech@ mailing list introducing support for internationalization:

Installation instructions are given, so there is no reason why this should not be tested. Interested parties should most certainly report successes and failures to Kevin.

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  1. By Paranoid Coward ( on

    Given the ambiguous licence terms which CITRUS has imposed, this can't be compatible with the OpenBSD project goals, can it?

    1. By Nate ( on

      I would agree with you there, but it is not the ambiguous nature of the license that I think would be the problem, so much as the lack of license. They are saying they plan to be BSD and GPL compatible, but I see no actual license sitting around handy.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        is BSD not GPL compatible ? I thought it was that the GPL is not BSD compatible

        1. By Nate ( on

          Yes, BSD can be used in GPL but not vice versa.

      2. By Otto Moerbeek ( on

        What actually matters is not some (maybe outdated) section on the web site, but the license clauses that are in the actual source files. The source files have a BSD license.

    2. By tedu ( on

      which file are you talking about? the patch is a little large, but i couldn't find any files that weren't either 2-clause bsd or "you may use this for free".

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Some time ago on was a post announcing a patch which introduced
    I18N into openbsd but it didn't make its way into base.
    So, are there any chances that this one will?


    1. By Otto Moerbeek ( on

      The main reason it was not imported into base was lack of sufficient testing. Tests are needed on all supported platforms, including a.out archs and/or archs without shared libs. It could be Citrus does not work on all archs, but is must certainly not break anything.

      So install, make build, and test port builds. Do not forget to actually test the compiled programs.


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