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jon-d reports that Australian newspaper The Age printed an interview by Sam Varghese with Theo:

Winter has ended in Melbourne but I'm not the sort to venture out without at least a sweater. However, the cold doesn't seem to bother Theo de Raadt as we sit in the lobby of the city's Duxton Hotel, a day after the end of the annual summit of the Australian Unix and Open Source User Group. [...]

What follows is Sam telling the story of Theo's life through quotes of Theo's own words. Very well written and an interesting read, not just for people unfamiliar with OpenBSD. The full article is here. If it requires registration, try accessing it through google news.

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  1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

    If you can't get around registration, try username undeadly, password undeadly.

  2. By Jim O ( on

    Good article. A really good insight to Theo's character and background. I have a new level of respect for Theo now.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Try bugmenot/bugmenot

  4. By loop ( on

    Top article .. got to finally see a bit of what Theo is like behind the public Theo.

  5. By Anthony ( on

    That was a good article. The most that most non-developers ever hear from Theo is when he yells at someone on misc@. That doesn't really give you a good idea of what he's like.

    They're not kidding about the weather-- I'm from Calgary, I lived in Melbourne for 2.5 years, and I don't think we had a frost the entire time I was there. The only time I ever needed a jacket was when it rained. It took some convicing to make people there believe I got snow at my house.

  6. By David Gerard ( on

    Sam Varghese is I think the best technology reporter Fairfax has. He really knows his stuff and can get the point across. He's really been nailing the record companies on shoddy CD copy protection, for example.


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