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3.6 CD's have arrived!

Contributed by grey on from the shiny discs dept.

As announced by Theo here, the CD's for 3.6 have arrived and should be shipping in the next few days. If you haven't ordered yours yet, you've got one less excuse for delaying.

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  1. By James ( hahaha on

    Purchased a set. I look forward to showcasing the new CD's to my friends and family. Of course they will just think it is a game or something....and they are only partially wrong. ;-)

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Want to play some capture the flag openbsd? what's your IP address, nerd?

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        You mean well, but you sound like a bizkit, limpy.

  2. By Anthony ( on

    I'm a penniless student so I can't really afford CD's. :(

    However, a smaller donation and an FTP install works almost as well. :)

    1. By Cresus ( on

      Sad, but I must agree that about US$50 (with shipping) is starting to look pricey, and I'm sure causes many people to think twice before buying quickly-obsolete CDs.
      You can argue that $50 still a lot cheaper than any version of Winblows... well, not really anymore if you add 2 or 3 years of upgrades. I know, these OSes are not comparable, but if you were considering that Windoze was expensive to buy...

      I'm not in a position to assess whether the project would be able to sell twice as many CDs if they were half the price, receive significantly more donations if the OS was made more popular etc... I just hope that Theo and the gang gave such questions some thought.

      1. By Z ( on

        You dont buy the OS, OpenBSD itself is free (beer). What you buy are the CDs, the stickers and that stuff that make you cool.

      2. By Anthony ( on

        I think the demand for CDs is fairly inelastic (though I don't know this for a fact). There's a lot of companies/admins out there that buy a set no matter what. I'm not sure an increased number of casual users buying one would actually offset the decrease in revenue from admins.

        I'll just stick to the occasional donation. Although I gotta say, those 2.9 posters are pretty cool. I'm happy I got one of those.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    If you can't afford CD's I'm sure the project would be happy if you purchased anything from their website. I do the FTP installs but like to buy T-Shirts. All the money goes to the project one way or another. Yes they make the most money on the CD's thats why they push those.

    1. By Paul ( on

      I guess the most effective way is donating... (no production cost minimizing your contribution!)

      1. By knomevol ( on

        if you donate even a little bit, if you're a full-time student, or a brunette dental hiegenist with large breasts, i will send you a lollipop.

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    openbsd is free, but its not free to develop. if you dont contribute code, least you can do is buy a shirt. you can make the money to buy the shirt in 2 hours from your job at mcdonalds, but millions of man-hours have gone into openbsd.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      i think it's more like .. billions

      1. By Craig ( on

        Oh, come on! McDonald's -- billions. What a wasted joke...

  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I'd like an option to buy stacks of stickers. I don't need the cds, I generally only buy them for the stickers and FTP a snapshot. :)

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Yeah, I'd love to be able to buy just the stickers too.

      1. By x ( on

        Perhaps they can't stop paying for the song, record music is expensive and we don't need it ! the stickers and CD are absolutely necessary.

        1. By Matthias Kilian ( on

          The song is an essential feature. No other operating system comes with a new song each release.

          1. By Yves ( on

            I also do not see any benefit in the song. However, if you think that the song improves CD sales, then keep including it.

            1. By Chris Laverdure ( on

              Not only is the song and related artwork part of my demonstration of the OpenBSD spirit; but I know several people that have been sold on OpenBSD just by those alone.

              "They really love what they do, eh?"

              Plus the 3.5 song introduced a few people I know about CARP and they came back to me with a "So CARP can do this... ?" `Yes, yes it can.'

              So yes, I agree; the songs are essential.

          2. By Peter Dembinski ( on

            Last song is damn political.

            And I don't use OpenBSD to make money, so I shall refrain from buying CDs. Although I shall recommend buying them to every man who has money and needs good PC-based firewall.

            1. By Peter Hessler ( on

              *ALL* of them are political. Read the lyrics.

              1. By Peter Dembinski ( on

                yup, but last song is *damn* political :-P

        2. By Wim ( on

          The song is not a financial drain as it's made by a group of artists that like to contribute to the project.

          But it *is* an important medium to vent messages back to the community, if you care to look at the stories told in each song, they are important.

          In 10 years, nobody will read the announce document for the OpenBSD 3.0 release or even
          run the 3.0 binaries, but people will still play the 3.0 song and analyse it's lyrics.


          1. By Daniel Melameth ( on

            I love the 3.0 song. "I'm secuure. By deeefault."

      2. By j0rd ( j0rd.spam@gmail on

        I buy CDs every 2nd release, but i would love to be able to buy the stickers. 15 stickers for $15 sounds like a reasonable contribution which almost everyone can afford.

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Would you be willing to make a donation if you could download the sticker artwork?

  6. By johannes ( on

    Shouldn't it be "CDs" instead of "CD's"? I thought something like a singular apostrophe doesn't exist?

    Just wondering, since announcements (ok, this wasn't an official announcement) should be correct.


    1. By Johannes ( on

      Ah, sorry, hit the Submit button too fast :-/ That should be "plural apostrophe" of course. Sorry!

      1. By RC ( on

        No, there ARE plural apostrophes. You include it AFTER the s, instead of before, to indicate the difference.

        For example: Here are the hard drives' cases.

  7. By Sparky ( on

    As much as I like to support the community, the CD's dont really interest me, and I have way too many t-shirts. I would however buy a few polo shirts if there was a decent selection available. I did notice one there, but the picture on that one is pretty weak.

    Who else out there would appreciate a better selection of "work attire"?

    1. By Nico ( on

      > As much as I like to support the community, the CD's dont really
      > interest me, and I have way too many t-shirts.

      Spoken like a true spoiled brat! ;-)

      If you('d) like to support the community, don't care about the CDs and have a thick enough wardrobe that'll survive a nuclear winter: donate!

      > Who else out there would appreciate a better selection of "work attire"?

      Look for "Re: Hey, I buy" by tedu.

      Good luck... Nico

      1. By Sparky ( on

        Yes, the paypal donate button has been used. There is more to supporting the community than just cash. For example - beer, or advertising. :o)

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      > As much as I like to support the community,
      > the CD's dont really interest me, and I have way
      > too many t-shirts. I would however buy a few polo shirts
      > if there was a decent selection available.
      > I did notice one there, but the picture on that one
      > is pretty weak.

      I agree, I would like to support OpenBSD by bying stuff, but I really don't have much use for a T-shirt.
      I would be happy to buy a polo shirt. I never wear T-shirts to work, I always wear a shirt with a collar.
      I would be happy to wear an OpenBSD polo shirt.

      FYI, yes, I have purchased CDs in the past and I'm planning to buy them again.

      Thanks to all the people who make OpenBSD possible!

    3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      The polo is very professional. I own several and wear them to meetings that require a dress-up. Quality is great as well; I washed mine many times and it has not bleached at all.

    4. By tedu ( on

      This would run around $25 per shirt for a decent sized order. So somebody has to front $1000, make em up, and start selling. You want polo shirts? Go right ahead.

  8. By bobotheclown ( on

    I'm excited... wondering where my shipping anouncement is... gimme smp

  9. By Richard Bentley ( on

    "...but I don't want a CD"
    "...but I've got enough T shirts already"
    "...but given enough time, I'll think of another excuse"

    If you don't want the stuff that's on sale then fine - don't buy it.

    But there's nothing stopping you donating hard cash. Even if it's not a lot, I'm sure it would be welcomed.

    Stop being so bloody materialistic and try being slightly less selfish for a change.

    1. By Archite ( on

      For those who can't afford the cd's and would rather use ftp, I suggest making small donations to the project. Though I have bought the cd's and a few other items, I have pledged myself to donating $10 a month. I love the system, why not give back? $10/month adds up over the long-run. I'm sure that everyone out there can give up on nights dining out a month to show their appreciation.

  10. By Mike Mars ( on

    I hope this works smoother than the last release (3.5) did. It took forever to get my CDs.

    1. By chort ( on

      The situation from last release has been thoroughly explained and that is not even remotely an issue this time.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        oh yeah, i've got so few things to worry about i follow every mailing list on the planet. passive insults are still insulting. maybe he doesn't have time to read misc@ because he's sitting with his child at children's medical hospital while the child is crying through chemo treatment. wake the hell up. not every freaking reply has to be an insult because someone doesn't follow the same mailing lists you do.

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        wow. comments can be altered at will - AND ARE. how 'bout that???

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          No they do not. You are wicked vicious! WICKED!

  11. By Archite ( on

    Is there any chance of any hats w/ the OpenBSD logo on them? I've bought the shirts, cd's, and posters but what I would really like to see is a hat;)

  12. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Hmmm, that polo shirt idea is a good one. I wouldn't mind an OpenBSD polo. I haven't ordered the CD yet as I'm saving up...(and I need to build another PC anyway)...It'll be my first OpenBSD purchase!

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      It's too sad that the economy is in such a rotten state.

      Unemployment in the US is at an 8 month high. This does not bode well for the US sales projection. Hopefully the murderous GOP administration gets kicked out of DC and things, the little things, like the economy and being able to feed and house children, will get back on track. Then OBSD sales will skyrocket, and you can build yourself two new computers. Yes, you heard right. Not one, but TWO!

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        You're a looney.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I would like a Polo as well. May help with marketing OBSD in commercial arenas. I mostly wear Polo for work..

      1. By Archite ( on

        Well, if everyone is wanting polos, why don't we get a group of people together and purchase some together. They're cheap if we can buy by bulk. Just an idea...

  13. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    can we have some more news

    1. By tedu ( on

      sure. today is wednesday.

  14. By Will B ( on

    When I had some extra money, I donated $500. I don't pay for every release. Try to give something when you can, give extra when you have it to make up for the times that you don't have money.
    Also, keep an eye on the hardware requst pages. Perhaps you have some hardware you can donate.

  15. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    How about someday having an option to buy it on a DVD instead of 3 cds?

  16. By Nonesuch ( on

    It's been a week since Theo posted "The CDs will start shipping out in the next few days", has anybody received their order?

    I pre-ordered months ago, and am looking forward to getting my package of stickers, shiny coasters, and shattered-all-to-hell jewel case.


  17. By gabriel ( on

    ...but the FTP are still with 3.5

    1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

      If this is annoying you, make sure to watch I have my (4.8MB) with volume turned up. And thanks for this pearl, Gordon ;)

      1. By Bob ( on

        Did someone actually get cds in Europe ?


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