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Review: Protecting the Perimeter With OpenBSD

Contributed by grey on from the accidentally hit publish before formatting article OH CRAP dept.

Thanks to several people who wrote in mentioning the review of OpenBSD 3.5. While some lingering innaccurate references to Fefe's scalability analysis remain; overall it is rather positive.

EXCERPT: "OpenBSD uses strong cryptography throughout the operating system. This means that even details as mundane as user passwords are encrypted using heavy duty algorithms. OpenBSD offers stronger, deeper encryption throughout the operating system than comparable ones because, as a product of Canada, it is not bound by the export laws of the United States, which put restrictions on cryptography."

You can read the complete article here.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on


    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I second that! I was hoping to read on perimeter security as in house/building perimeter. A waste of my time.

  2. By Matthias Kilian ( on

    Not worth reading. I should have stopped after that incompetence indicator "X Windows GUI" in the third paragraph.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    > Cons: Not for the novice administrator; esoteric installation routine;
    > weak scalability.

    I love it when people point out such "defects", when nowhere on does it state scalability as one of the goals.


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