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Call for Ohio OpenBSD user group

Contributed by mk/reverse on from the spontaneous mob dept.

Aaron (abedra at wcnet period org) writes:

I think that there are a number of OpenBSD users in the Ohio area and it would benefit us all to see a user group set up to share thoughts and ideas. I am in Northwest Ohio (Bowling Green) and would like anyone interested to email responses of interest and I would help head a group if enough people reply.

User groups obviously need users, so be sure get back to Aaron if you live in the Ohio area.

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  1. By abe ( arolick cequentgroup com on

    I just moved just south east of Cleveland. Anyone in my more immediate area?

    1. By Nate ( on

      I used to live in Bay Village (west of Cleveland), I've since moved to Pittsburgh. If you had meetings on a weekend I could always come back, part of my family still lives up there. nate

      1. By abe ( on

        that's funny .. i just moved _from_ pittsburgh ;P (i miss the burgh)

        1. By Nate ( on

          I've been here about a year, and so far I really like it. I like the access to the outdoors Western PA has. I'm a hour and a half from the mountains, and close to tons of bike trails. I have a special place for Cleveland since I was raised there, but would only really consider going back because my parents live there. Although I do miss Lake Erie.....

          Do you know of any BSD groups in Pgh by chance?


          1. By abe ( arolick cequentgroup com on

            nate, let's take this discussion off undeadly .. email me :p

          2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            > Do you know of any BSD groups in Pgh by chance?

            I reg'd as a placeholder for a Pittsburgh area BSD Users Group. email me if you're interested...

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Any group in the Seattle/WA area?

  3. By nathan ( on

    Florida openbsd users? (i live in the gainesville/ocala area)

  4. By Random Entity ( on

    From the responses to this post it appears there is a desire to have an "open" group for OpenBSD users in many areas. I myself would love to participate in a user group in my area...Pinal County, Arizona.


      1. By Random Entity ( on

        I live between Queen Creek and area way south of Apache Junction. Makes for a long commute to any functions held in Phoenix. Nothing like urban sprawl! ;-)

  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Any in the L.A. area? Anything BSD specific would be nice. Most groups around here are Linux specific.

    1. By jsyn ( on

  6. By nuintari ( nuintari AT nuintari DOT net on

    I'm also an OpenBSD nut in the Bowling Green area, sounds fun. Closest thing that ever existed was first, a linux group called bg slug, which was fine for a year, then fell apart. The organizer, and first president was anti bsd, pro linux, and a few members outright hated each other very openly.

    The remnents of that used to get together on Tuesday nights at BW3's and talk nix, mostly bsd, but we are for the most part scattered to the winds, Texas, cleveland and columbus. A few left, I'm sure we could get something started. Just as long as bg slug stays dead..... oh, bad memories.

    1. By Random Entity ( on

      That is really too bad that folks have to have pissing contests over their chosen OS. I myself like many OS's, though I like some more than others depending upon my use and experience level with each. I say be open and accepting, no one knows all and he who thinks he does knows very little.

      The more I learn the dumber I feel. ;-)


      1. By nuintari ( on

        yeah, it is. The notable quote from the president was, "this is a linux user group, not a unix user group, not a bsd user group, a linux user group. there is no place for freebsd, or openbsd, or whateverbsd here, so take it elsewhere, or shutup."

        that's pretty much verbatim.

        Of course, I can hardly plead innocence, when two members who outright loathed each other let it spill over into group discussions, I can't say I handled it in the best way.....

        what basically happened was that all the bad apples left, and what was left was the BW3's crew, very informal, very friendly, and we all learned more from each other that way. Of the few people left in town of that group, I'm sure we could get the night started again. Its an easy way to get people to show up, $0.30 wings, and happy hour beer prices, certainely food of the gods.

  7. By Chris ( cfuhrman atta spamcop dotta net on

    In Columbus, Ohio here. Please note that COLUG (Central Ohio Linux User's Group) has a few OpenBSD users as well and we sometimes cover non-Linux discussions.

  8. By Brian P ( brian_r_plummer <<atat>> on

    Anybody in the Atlanta area?? I myself live 35miles northwest but will be moving to the city in the next few months. I have heard of ale (atlanta linux enthusiasts) but do not know if there are any openbsd users in the group. Brian

    1. By Brian Poole ( on

      I'm in Atlanta now myself. Moved here ~4 months ago. Also living far out to the North in the Woodstock/Canton area. I don't really have any idea what sort of computer groups there are in the area though. I'm sure there are probably other OpenBSD folks in hiding as well.

  9. By John Zaitz ( jzaitz zaitz net on

    Anyone in the austin, tx area interested in setting up a user group for openbsd (or *bsd for that matter)?

    1. By James Nobis ( quel TA quelrod TOD net on

      I've hit a few CACTUS meetings but those guys seem fairly solaris centric. I would love to get an openbsd group going.

  10. By Chiron ( on

    Anyone in the Dayton area wanting to start a users group? I'd be willing to help out and contribute in some way.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I've been thinking about setting up an Openbsd
      group for endusers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  11. By Matt Z ( on

    i currently live just east of cleveland. a ne ohio ug would be great, but i would certainly not be opposed to a monthly/bimonthly road trip, depending on the location.

  12. By Dale Smith ( on

    I've been thinking it would be great to have an OpenBSD group in the
    N.E. Ohio area for a while now. Count me in.


    1. By OhMyAchinLap ( on

      I'm in the NE Ohio area as well, I'm in the process of starting a Youngstown Linux Users Group, I drive all over for these kinds of things: Cleveland LUG, Akron LUG, Norteast Ohio Open Source Society, Kent 2600, Cleveland 2600...I came across this posting googling for any kind of BSD user's groups in this areas. Been using NetBSD for quite a while, just getting into OpenBSD, and would love to be part of some sort og Ohio-based community, even if it were mostly online. You'll likely find other like-minded individuals in the following places: #ohiolinux on #linux on #oh2600 on Don't let the names fool you, plenty of people there who use lots of things other than Linux. My nick is "OhMyAchinLap" on all three, feel free to pop in. Oh, and theres my (somewhat ugly) YLUG page at


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