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What improvements do you want to see on undeadly.

Contributed by grey on from the let's try another poll dept.

More stories with more frequency. 16.5% (129 votes)

More technical stories with more detail. 38.9% (304 votes)

Better tracking of interesting CVS changes. 14.3% (112 votes)

More original content (interviews, book reviews, unique documentation). 9.1% (71 votes)

More icons. 0.5% (4 votes)

More contributors & editors. 1.3% (10 votes)

More polls. 0.9% (7 votes)

Fewer errors and typos in stories. 0.3% (2 votes)

Less opinionated postings. 1.5% (12 votes)

All of the Above. 11.6% (91 votes)

None of the above, it's fine the way it is. 4.2% (33 votes)

You got it all wrong, see my suggestions in the comments. 0.9% (7 votes)

Total votes: 782

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  1. By James ( on

    If you were honestly curious, wouldn't a better way of asking for improvements be a thread instead of a poll? Too many people are gonna look for an easy way to answer what they think. A thread encourages more discussion.

    1. By cAPTAIN^k ( on

      A poll, on the other hand, is always in the same place and does not slowly drift down the front page as new articles are added

      The poll does also have an option that invites comments, I personally feel that the readers of this website patient are motivated enough to make some if they have any

      1. By Paladdin ( on

        Sure they are! By the way, I think the page is fine as is. Just adding more... lets say 'activity', would turn it in an even better -if that's possible ;-) source of OpenBSD information. By now, I think it's the best all around. Nice!

  2. By brad ( on

    A poll that allows multiple choices without selecting all of the above :)

    1. By knomevol ( on

      or how 'bout allow the guest to arrange the items in numerical order, with item 1 having the greatest importance? when the wonderful technical stories are received, should this poll have any effect, an entry to the content by way of categoried links might be nice - though searching is quite livable.

  3. By I.S. ( on

    i think the 'debian weekly news' are good example of news for the community ...


  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    OpenBSD related interviews are almost always interesting. And getting an interviewer with more than cursory knowledge of OpenBSD might make it even more interesting.

    I voted for CVS changes though, because many of those are quite interesting also.

    1. By Random Entity ( on

      Good Luck!

      However, Dru Lavigne author of (BSD Hacks) is a good one to try. The book is very good, posted a review on O'Reilly's site. The book is more focused on FreeBSD, however Dru does share insight into how to accomplish a mojority of the same hacks on NetBSD and OpenBSD as well.

      As a whole I have not found the *BSD "community" to be as friendly to new users as the Linux community is. Now this statement does not attack FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD directly as they all provide excellent documentation and also provide the software for download. I am attacking the gurus or pseudo-gurus out there that are not willing to share knowledge. I would love to be proven wrong.....seriously....prove me me a kick ass supportive community for *BSD.

      While your at it help me lobby to get Wind River to give up the "" domain name to a *BSD group that offers, help, advice, tutorials...etc...instead of sitting there collecting dust and forwarding to an unsupportive company that bought BSDi and killed it!

      Hey Dru (BSD Hacks)....have time to give us a few tutorials now and again!?


  5. By Chinotauro ( on

    some ideas:

    - More technical stories with more detail:

    Best Practices, Specific Hardware Solutions with OpenBSD (scenarios, server roles (firewall, bridge, router )..etc, etc


  6. By Wouter ( on

    I think it would be great if there were some regular items, exempli gratia a weekly story about packet filtering/queueing or a monthly story off writing simple kernel driver. I do understand that this will require a lot of work. If there is anyone who likes to write and is skilled in some particular area when I will love to read it.

    A other thing which I think would be great is a monthly top 10, with the eleven most interesting additions/changes to OpenBSD or events related to OpenBSD.

  7. By dAs ( dasnyderx(AT)NOSPAMyahoo(DOT)com on

    A flexible page layout. As occasionally happened (and happens) on deadly and undeadly, a page will be laid out so that it exceeds the left and right bounds of my browser window. This is awfully annoying for someone (like myself) who does not have their browser expanded to the limits of the desktop. I don't have specific examples I can point to, but I have seen it often enough to become annoyed with it and take time out to comment on it.

  8. By Kiraly Zoltan ( on

    Daniel please add an RSS feature for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 users. RSS Feature in firefox : If a page has an RSS feed, a lightning icon appears in the fourth box on the status bar, and clicking on it lets you choose a Livemark to add to your bookmarks. Thanks

  9. By Kiraly Zoltan ( on

    Daniel please add an RSS feature for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 users.

    RSS Feature in firefox :
    If a page has an RSS feed, a lightning icon appears in the fourth box on the status bar, and clicking on it lets you choose a Livemark to add to your bookmarks.


    1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

      Try reloading the front page, should work now. And send a patch for the firefox port to ports@ :)

  10. By almeida ( on

    Do you guys have a lot of submissions in the queue and just not enough editors to publish the stuff? I'd like to see an interview section where the readers can submit questions to the developers. I'm interested in the direction of OpenBSD, but don't have time to sort through misc and the CVS changes. Every couple of months, it'd be cool if we could send a couple questions to the developers to find out what's being worked on and what the next release might look like.

    1. By jcs ( on

      the on-topic submissions sent to us by readers are far and few between; we have enough editors to handle submissions. a lot of the stories are created by the editors.

      please feel free to submit questions that we can pass along to other developers for answers. if we get enough together, we can post them all at once.

  11. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    You still rock!

  12. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    WTF? Where's the CowboyNeal option? This poll sucks.

    1. By knomevol ( on


  13. By kami petersen ( on

    1. fix the jump-to-top-of-page-when-submitting-moderation bug.

    2. implement login/cookie to remember chosen threshold level.

    login would be quite cool, because it would give us a rough estimate of the number of active users out there.


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