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Ask undeadly: setting MTU on GRE tunnels?

Contributed by grey on from the helping out dept.

george asks:

I am trying to move about ~20 GRE tunnels from a cisco to an OpenBSD 3.5 box. The problem is that most of the endpoints (also cisco) run an old version of IOS which requires the MTU to be 1514, while the MTU on the greN interfaces is set by default to 1450. There seems that there is no way to set / change the MTU on OpenBSD greN iterfaces to another value.

Any advice on how to deal with this will be greately appreciated.

A bit of googling turns up some people reporting similar troubles when trying to accomplish a similar task. Do any of our readers have some more concrete answers for george?

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  1. By SH ( on

    I got the following tip from a post on :
    scrub on enc0 all no-df max-mss 1392
    This works fine for IPSec that I use on wireless at home, but I don't know if this can be applied to your situation. /SH

    1. By Wu ( on

      Ok, totally off-topic, but... I'm trying to secure my home WLAN with IPSec too, you know, quite simple, one OpenBSD gw and some boxes running Linux and FreeBSD. I have read the hole man pages for vpn, ipsec, isakpmd, isakmpd.conf... and some docs i have find through some google searchs. I'm in the isakmpd.conf state right now, it is quite difficult to me, so, could you send me some examples or docs or anyhing you have followed to set up your environment? Thnx guy.

        1. By Wu ( on

          o god! thnx, this site has enough info to get me busy all weekend!

      2. By SH ( on

        I posted my IPSec setup at home on This is based on bits and pieces I've found here and there on the Internett, as well as on

        Both gateway and the (single) client is running OpenBSD.


  2. By Gimlet ( on

    From /usr/src/sys/net/if_gre.c:
    #define GREMTU 1450     /* XXX this is below the standard MTU of
                             1500 Bytes, allowing for headers,
                             but we should possibly do path mtu discovery
                             before changing if state to up to find the
                             correct value */
    Perhaps you can change this to match your Cisco's settings, and recompile?


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