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OpenBSD Portuguese users group announces their own mirror

Contributed by grey on from the users groups spreading the bits dept.

Thanks to Nuno Morgadinho for writing in with:

There's a new OpenBSD Portuguese mirror at:

Although this is hardly the place to announce it, I must say the Portuguese users group people put a lot of effort into making this new mirror possible, even donating a hard disk for the effort. The old one was incredibly slow, and the server's bandwidth was limited. I hope it can bring more people to know and use OpenBSD. Ideally the new mirror may even be used to test the snapshots and packages for the upcoming 3.6 release. Cheers.

Nuno mentions that this isn't yet an official mirror but thinks that it should meet the requirements for inclusion; great to see an OpenBSD users group so active!

Speaking of OpenBSD users groups, there is a meeting for the San Francisco OpenBSD Users Group tonight as well!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Who is using unix in south america anyway?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      you do realize that 1) portuguese is not the only language in south america and 2) that there is a country of Portugal, which is where Portuguese is spoken (along with certain south american countries).

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Quoting your ignorance: "1) portuguese is not the only language in south america" Portugal is in south america, you're misunderstanding with Mexico, where they speak something between Mexican and spanash. "2) that there is a country of Portugal, which is where Portuguese is spoken (along with certain south american countries)." first of all, you have to understand that south america is not USA and they probably don't have the right to use anything but windows due to licensing issues and their country isn't free.

        1. By Francisco Guerreiro ( on

          nuno morgadinho is from portugal and so am I.
          my friend, Portugal is in Europe..near to Spain, definetly NOT in South America or ANY America for god's sake..
          omfg you're such a retard, where are you from? (sorry about the prejudice) from USA? omfg.. no fucking comment.
          about the license thing.. for god's sake, the USA is fucking worst about here.. here we dont even have software patent laws :b

          retard! and by the way, portuguese is from Portugal not from any other country like Brazil or something..

          yet again, omfg..

          1. By brian ( on

            omfg LOL

        2. By o_teu_trapo ( on

          OK, you gotta be kidding me... Portugal is in South America?
          THAT'S BRAZIL! Don't you have the minimum sense of geography, for sure!

          here... just for you! ->

        3. By Fábio Olivé Leite ( on

          first of all, you have to understand that south america is not USA and they probably don't have the right to use anything but windows due to licensing issues and their country isn't free.

          Thank God the countries of South America are not USA, as this means our freedom and civil rights are not subject to the interests of overpowered oil families that get elected by having less votes.

          Since when a country "not being free" immediately indicates they are bound to buy Windows? That's one of the most twisted reasonings ever. Tipical of a USA citizen, I have to say. I do have good friends in the USA, but the average USA citizen is so stupid and ignorant that the whole rest of the world is just a bunch of land with uncivilized natives for them.

          The odd fact is that the tipical USA citizen is so ingorant that they can't even use their own language properly, and their minds are so busy chewing government/military generated brainwashing patriotic propaganda that they pose as perfect capitalism lambs and happily become walking wallets that live to consume.

          Now tell me who isn't free. ;-)

          1. By danimal ( on

            way to stereotype back Fabio.

            1. By Fábio Olivé Leite ( on

              Now that I read it again, I agree that I vented a lot of unrelated feelings in the wrong place. Should have kept my fingers quiet. I apologize for that.

    2. By Fábio Olivé Leite ( on

      That was one of the most impressive public demonstrations of ignorance ever. Please get yourself some culture. The world is a little bigger and more diverse than you think. Oh, and there's a fucking lot of people using and developing Unix in South America, rest assured. And it's probably the same in Portugal, which happens to be in Europe. ;-)

    3. By pedro@ ( on

      definitely not someone as dumb as you seem to be.

    4. By Eduardo Alvarenga ( eduardo at thrx dot org on

      Not jack-assess like you. Besides, UNIX is not even used on Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceania, but on Africa too. I've just arrived from Brazil here at Angola (another country which speaks portuguese too), and got very excited about their UNIX preference. Did you know *BSD and Linux are more often used than Windows here?
      Get you geography book and do your homework.

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        that's because democraty was not exported there yet!

        1. By krh ( on

          I don't believe this! Are we turning into Slashdot?

          1. By Craig ( on

            Apparently so. Ignorance, answered colourfully by oversimplifications and generalisations, and topped with only a vague relation to the original submission, fills the page. If someone throws in "*BSD is dying", we'll be there :)

            1. By Nate ( on

              You know that BSD is dying when on a BSD oriented website:

              Ignorance and anger are the most prominent elements in comments.

              Generalizations and stereotypes are used as absolutes.

              Someone mentions Slashdot.

              I'm sure there are better things to do than those three things.

          2. By zoc ( on

            oh don't you have little sense for humor...(ok maybe you don't watch tv witch is good:)
            i was just being little ironic
            but there is some truth in it...
            it matters alot if some gov decides to employ one or another OS in schools...

    5. By marcos ( on

      It's a Stupid question???? I am using Unix in South America, and probably the southest OpenBSD copy running in world... (we are not little monkeys here ok?
      Look in google for Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina


  2. By Punkie ( on

    Hey, all the Geography aside (I think the original post was a TIC troll), the comment about "got a new hard drive" seems like they are really on a shoestring budget for hardware. If I were to send them a spare one, or some spare hardware I had, I think it would be for a good cause, but I wonder if that would be a useless endevor?

    Sadly, I don't speak Portuguese, so I can't read their site to see what they need. I wanted to send Theo some hardware, but what he needs, I don't got, and what I've got, he don't need :).

    Side note, about the "BSD is Dead" thing. At some sci-fi con, I saw a shirt that said, "BSD - The choice of the Undead for 10 years." Heh. I wanted to make a distro called ZomBSD, but I am too lazy and uninspired to make anything that would be usefully different than Open, Net, or FreeBSD.


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