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PsygNAT - free firewall and NAT router tool on a floppy!

Contributed by sean on from the openbsd on the most unreliable of mediums dept.

Some Anonymous Coward writes:
PsygNAT is a free firewall and NAT router tool for i386 which boots off on a single floppy.
It is based on the OpenBSD kernel and therefore, uses pf as its native ruleset management.

PsygNAT contains the necessary tools in configuring a simple NAT router, a stateful (and
transparent) firewall, or a bandwidth limiter via ALTQ. It supports both static and
dynamic client setup. It also includes mg, an emacs-like text editor, which can be used
to write firewall and network address translation rules.
PsygNAT home is here.

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  1. By johannes ( on

    Sounds nice.
    Some information about what version of OpenBSD is used would be cool.


    1. By jason ( on

      OpenBSD 3.5-stable I think.

    2. By Irvin ( on

      it is based on OpenBSD 3.5-stable.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    just burned it. i think psygnat-setup script is based on the openbsd installer and it works perfectly fit. can this image be burned onto a cd?

    1. By grey ( on has instructions on how to make a bootable .iso using a bootable floppy image and mkisofs, it should be adaptable to your situation.

  3. By Daniel Tams ( on

    Yes, like fdgw, just based on OpenBSD. I was looking for this some time ago. Gotta check it out!

  4. By Matt Van Mater ( on

    I noticed in the config file on his website he has a NO_PROPOLICE option defined. Why is that? Is that because of performance, floppy disk space contrataints, or something else? check it out un the url pasted above.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      its due to space constraints, it is only limited to 1.44mb (both kernel and userland)


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