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OpenIDS 1.3 is released!

Contributed by sean on from the it uses OBSD so it must be news but entirely unsupported dept.

Funky Franz writes: OpenIDS is an OpenBSD based IDS distro with snort, acid.

News in 1.3:
* OpenIDS 1.3 is based on OpenBSD 3.5
* Updated Mysql to version 4
* Updated Snort to 2.2.0
* Updated Snortalog to 2.2.1
* Updated Oinkmaster to 1.0
* Updated the installation script.
* Added symon, symux and syweb.

URL :openids

/Funky Franz

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  1. By GranMono ( on

    anyone knows if OpenIDS count with flex-resp capability?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      flex-resp sounds great....till it's abused :)

  2. By Denis S. ( on

    Great idea! Neat. Regarding the use of MysSQl in any OpenBSD or other projects, have you folks noticed any problems with the license scheme? Last time I did ask I've got a feedback like Mysql is in murky waters and that to play safe postgress was a safer bet. I know they offer the free and the commercial version (oh, check theri prices too), but how free was the free version of mysql in terms of can and can't do?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Postgresql is bsd licensed. Mysql is dual licensed. If you use it for commercial purposes you are suppose to pay for it. However, they release it under the GPL as well. In theory once it's gpl'ed it's gpl'ed. I was told that the GPL encourages dual licensing. That seems contrary to the goals of the FSF. In any case use postgresql to be safe. Plus postgresql has: acid compliance, transactions, subselects, stored procedures and more. Mysql is a piece of junk that all the people pushing LAMP love for whatever reason. Mysql is not good for's good for the same things php is good for: really simple and small sites.

      1. By RC ( on

        I was told that the GPL encourages dual licensing.

        Then you got some awfully bad info somewhere. Don't spread rumors around.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    i386 only, or is there Sparc platform support, too?


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