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jtan Custom OpenBSD CD-Boot Firewall Updated to 3.5

Contributed by sean on from the different strokes for different folks dept.

Chris Nadovich writes
We have updated our CD-Boot Firewall to use OpenBSD 3.5 and
have now incorporated several new features, including LAN side DHCP,
BIND 9 nameserver cache, and PPTP VPN, all setup out of the box.

The CD-Boot Firewall is a bootable complete OpenBSD system that has been tuned and preconfigured for use as a NAT firewall. It comes on a single CD that can boot and run on a machine without a hard disk. Persistant configuration information (i.e. the whole /etc directory tree) is stored on a floppy or flash drive that is mounted Read-Only by default.

More information, and ISO image dowload, is available here.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Anyone try this? I'm curious about it.

    1. By zibi ( on

      I've just burn it twice under OpenBSD and WinXP. No luck , both CDs make panic that kernel cannot read disk label. I am going to send them report later today.

      1. By Irvin Piraman ( on

        or you could try this alternative with more features plus it boots off from a floppy!

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          that's very cool, although I am not really a floppy-fw enthusiast. but just to wind up the linux crowd in conversations... aah!

        2. By garry ( on

          nice one. i've just used it a while ago as a transparent firewall and it works smoothly :-)

      2. By jbroomr ( on

        It burned & booted fine for me, but it's not recognizing the root PW I entered when I "installed" it. Doh.

        1. By Brad ( on

          Reboot, first boot builds configuration but you need to reboot to exec them properly.

          1. By where is the iso? ( irado(at) on

            think that the iso.gz is broken, it donot appears as a *gz, at all (simply rename it to *iso and all contents are visible). But ISNOT bootable :( any hint??

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I saw one alternative (not that it isn't suitable or anything, in fact I am quite grateful that this was posted, and I am going to give it a try later today) to this posted in another thread, which left me wondering if anyone has any other similiar distributions they recommend?

      1. By Irvin Piraman ( on

        Here's an alternative firewall that you can use that boots off a floppy. I already submitted this story but I wondered why it wasn't posted.

        PsygNAT by Norbert Copones.

        PsygNAT is a free firewall and NAT router tool for i386 which boots off on a single floppy. It is based on the OpenBSD kernel and therefore, uses pf as its native ruleset management. PsygNAT contains the necessary tools in configuring a simple NAT router, a stateful (and transparent) firewall, or a bandwidth limiter via ALTQ. It supports both static and dynamic client setup. It also includes mg, an emacs-like text editor, which can be used to write firewall and network address translation rules.

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    I like the concept of the CD boot version...
    I will burn this and try it later today.

    I have a LAN with 5 interfaces and one interface that NEEDS altq to keep the students in line.

  4. By jaak ( on

    This refuses to boot for me, ive tried several different medias also. Would be nice if it would work...

    1. By irado furioso com tudo ( on

      :( I downloaded both (the gz and the *iso) but neither booted at all. Other people have it running (as per comments), can you post your experience and/or recipe here?

      1. By Brad ( on

        Didn't work for me until i set "switch floppy drives" or somthing like that in the Bois. Perhaps both a: and cd emulation were trying to be the same drive?


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