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gk asks:

There have been four posts from "rick" on tech@ the last year talking about the NFSv4-server he has implemented for OpenBSD. Has anyone tried it out? Here is his last post.

Jim Rees asked for testers in the year 2000 for Umich's NFSv4 project but I guess not many showed up since they do not mention OpenBSD their webpage. Here is the NFSv4 project page on Umich.

Just curious.

Well there's nothing like testing things out for oneself, but have any of our readers used this that they would want to satiate gk's curiousity with a brief rundown?

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Will OpenBSD be forking OpenCDRecord now that CDRecord is no longer free? It's be nice to have a free program with a _sane_ implementation and interface.

    1. By djm@ ( on

      I think that the cdrecord license change was reverted, it doesn't seem to be in 2.01a38. On the other hand, behaviour like that needs to be punished.

  2. By mirabile ( on

    I asked him, and he told me that this is a server implementation only;
    the clients would be done at a different university. He also explained
    that the new server handles the old v2 and v3 protocols with next to no
    regression, but one - theoretically - could use the old server for these,
    which made (according to him) no sense. IIRC he also said he worked on
    coding the old server some years ago, too.

    1. By tedu ( on

      he did (write the existing nfs code).


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