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Contributed by phessler on from the tis only a model dept.

marius writes: "our laptop database,

is horribly out of date. let's get it up to scratch. to get this
started, we'll need YOUR help.
if you have a laptop that is working or not working with openbsd,
please email me with your info, any tweaks that were necessary, what
works and what doesn't.

and even better, if you have a webpage describing this and/or how to
set it up, include that as well.

it would be great if we could have an up to date laptop database
before 3.6.

This applies to all laptops, not just i386. Email the info to marius at monkey org

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  1. By Peter Hessler ( on

    Titanium powerbook, 667MHz with vga. Works pretty well. X 4.3.0 works well (but text mode doesn't restore when you quit X). Built-in audio doesn't work, but uaudio(4) (in the form of an iMic) works fine. The built-in modem doesn't work, but who needs dialup. APM only reports battery status, suspend et al doesn't work. Firewire is untested. Kernel dumps isn't implemented for macppc. Everything else works fairly well. I can watch DVDs with ogle, the performance is fine.

    Webpage is at <a href=""></a>

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    if you have a laptop that is working or not working with openbsd, please email me with your info

    I will do that... but where is your email??

    1. By Niko Itajarvi ( niko.itajarvi at on

      It's marius at

    2. By sean ( on

      Take a look at the OpenBSD laptop page.

    3. By ruben ( on

      i've sent mine to as noted on the page. still want my stuff? contact me at

  3. By RC ( on

    But when I e-mailed in my info a few months ago, it was just silently ignored...

    Information like this is completely useless unless it is regularly maintained. So, is this just going to be another case of getting it up to date, then abandoning it for years, to gather dust, or is it actually going to be maintained this time?

    1. By x ( on

      " But when I e-mailed in my info a few months ago, it was just silently ignored..." same, and three years ago too...

    2. By Miod Vallat ( on

      It was ignored because nobody was standing up to maintain this page. Now is your chance to help us provide valuable information to laptop buyers, by helping Marius digest this.

      As for how long will he be willing to maintain the new page, I can't tell. Let's hope he'll do a terrific job.

  4. By Juanjo ( on

    I was ignored too when I sent my report some time ago to www at (that's the address current i386-laptop.html points to).

    Doing some research I found openbsd-mobile at and sent that report to dugsong. After a while I got reply and my report was included in the page.

    The info at monkey was valuable, but... It's not offical and there are too much 404 links actually.

    A laptop compatibility database is a good idea, but a static page is not useful if the maintainer doesn't keep it updated.

    I tried to install 3.5 and remove my 3.3... and something is broken on 3.5-RELEASE on laptops. An advice on lap compatibility... oh, I still remember my headache :(

    Good luck Marius!

  5. By hamasaki ( on

    The story left out Marius's email address. Send your laptop info to marius at, not here.

  6. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Last night the main page was altered, and was weird stories on the page. What was happened? Deface or what?

    1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

      Hosting for has been moved to a server of Bob at He'll be using the same machine for a journal of the university as well. Virtual hosting is name-based, and you probably saw that other journal.

  7. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    goo goo gah?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      oooooooh! hehehehhe.... gooo!

  8. By strlen ( on

    Dell Inspiron 5000e
    - Kernel panic when APM device enabled (do boot -c and "disable apm" when installing)
    - Everything else is very standard, works perfectly fine. I'm also able to use 1600x1200 on the built-in LCD (yeah, not too common on laptops!).

  9. By Djerzinsky ( on

    i don't know how they'll organise this, but i hope better than what it looks like now.

    it'd be good to be able to retrieve all the details from a database including X config files, dmesg, and other tips and tricks for each laptop. just a thought.


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