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EuroBSDCon 2004 - Early Bird rate closes soon

Contributed by grey on from the it's a con-o-copia dept.

Sam writes:
The early-bird discount for EuroBSDCon 2004 Tutorials and Conference ends on the 15th August. Taking place 29-31st October in Karlshrue, Germany. Some topics on the programme include:
         - vulab - SysAdmin Education in the Virtual Unix Lab,                                                 
         - Fighting the Lemmings ("All the world is a VAX")                                                    
         - Using XML for Powerful Documentation                                                                
         - Integrating ALTQ QoS into FreeBSD                                                                   
         - MacOS X Binary Compatibility                                                                        
         - Using FreeBSD to provide Firewall and VPN services                                                  
         - A Portable Packaging System                                                                         
         - The Challenges of Dynamic Network Interfaces                                                        
         - DHCP: Unexplored Capacities                                                                         
         - A Secure BGP Implementation                                                                         
         - Using Application Checkpointing for High Availability                                               

Also O'Reilly's Dru Lavigne will be answering the question "But I'm not a can I contribute to open source?"

Henning@ is speaking, Wim will be there with the OpenBSD Booth, plus various other OpenBSD Contributors are attending to meet, gather, talk, listen and discuss events in the BSD worlds

We look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. By byte ( on

    How about linking ( and some proof-reading ("Karlshrue, Germany, it Some")?

    1. By grey ( on

      Thanks for the suggestions, it's been brushed up a bit.

      1. By PaX Team ( on

        err, that'd be Karlsruhe ;-)

  2. By Olivier ( on

    Just a question: why is it so expensiv?If i count the price for the entrance, the journey and a night in a hotel in Karlsruhe, it's too expensiv for me :-(


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