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SUCON'04 - Registration Opened

Contributed by grey on from the bgpd, BoF's, BSD's and beer dept.

Thanks to Ihsan Dogan for writing in with the following notice:

The registration for the annual Swiss Unix Conference has been opened. The online registration form can be found here.
If you register before August 9 you can benefit from early bird registration discounts and save 40% on all fees and additionally get the chance to win O'Reilly books.

It looks like henning@ will be speaking about the new bgpd(8) and there should be lots of other things to keep one's interest as well.

Some BSD highlights:

   Poul-Henning Kamp
      Old mistakes repeated (but you do get the source code now):
         UNIX is the best operating system ever designed so
         everybody is running UNIX on their computer, right ?
         This presentation takes a partisan looks a why UNIX
         never became a big success in the eighties, failed to
         win the market in the nineties, and still struggles in
         the market in the new millenium. Poul-Henning will take
         a critical look at the mistakes of the past and the
         mistakes of the present and try to make it really clear
         what needs to happen for UNIX to become a real success.

   Hubert Feyrer
      NetBSD Status Report Fall 2004
         As a follower of the Berkeley 4.4BSD Unix operating
         system, NetBSD is the oldest Open Source operating
         system project under development today. With it's focus
         on portability to a wide range of hardware, NetBSD is
         equally good for running on desktop PCs, various server
         hardware as well as a wide range of contemporaty
         handheld and embedded devices. A lot has happened since
         the project started, and with finally reaching the
         NetBSD 2.0 release after more than 10 years, this talk
         will give an overview of the past events from both
         technical and project administrative point of view,
         introduce where the NetBSD project stands today and what
         some of the plans for the future are.

   Henning Brauer
      A Secure BGP Implementation
         The Border Gateway Protocol, BGP, is the standard
         protocol to exchange routing information. So-called full
         mesh BGP peers build up a table describing the entire
         Internet. When something goes wrong with bgp, such as
         loosing tcp session(s) or the bgp daemon dieing, the
         affected router is loosing all its routes and the
         affected site may disappear from the internet until the
         problem is fixed. If an attacker is able to insert
         routes remotely the implications are even worse. The
         basics of the BGP protocol are going to be looked at
         from a security point of view, especially taking care
         about the tcp session, and what has been done in OpenBSD
         and the included bgpd to secure BGP.

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  1. By Ihsan Dogan ( on

    Henning is also speaking about OpenNTPD.


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