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Unofficial ports for OpenBSD 3.5-current

Contributed by grey on from the you don't need commit to experiment dept.

Nicram writes in:

There is a new website with unofficial ports for OpenBSD -current. At this moment there is about 45 ports (& more are coming).

Website is under address.

Jose Nazario and Jolan Luff used to run an unports project, which served a similar role. Hopefully this will meet needs for people who have noticed its absence.

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  1. By Kurt Miller ( on

    What is the intent of the site? Are you taking submissions for ports that can't go into OpenBSD for whatever reason or just automatically adding any port that has been submitted to ports@ for tracking purposes?-Kurt

    1. By Sean ( on

      I think it's just for more choice, without compiling. It's a cool idea.

    2. By Aleksander Piotrowski ( on

      Right now only ports sent to ports@ are in this catalogue but I this would be changed in near future.

      Of course, ports that have been commited are removed from this catalogue.


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