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Next generation 'Fire & Forget' distributed project disk images

Contributed by grey on from the number crunching on a disk dept.

Thanks to Mark Redding for writing in with an update on his distributed clients project using OpenBSD as a base:

Further to my posting back in March with details of a Fire & Forget seti@home floppy image, I've gone a stage further and created a Distributed Computing Fire & Forget CD ISO (two in fact) that allows one to switch between seti@home, and lifemapper DC projects - designed especially as each of these projects have had their downtime over the past few months.
This latest ISO image is based upon OpenBSD 3.5 (there is also a 3.3 based ISO available) and includes both a standard version containing a network setup script, and a version that requires no graphics card to be installed on the server.
My site also contains source code for the "dcwatch" program which is used to control and monitor servers booted using the CD ISO, and also to the "dcspotterd" daemon which is used to monitor the startup of servers booted using the NOVGA version (because it has no screen output to let one know what it's IP address is).

You can find the project page and images files here:

Naturally, undeadly will give you the standard disclaimer that these images are not offically endorsed or supported by the OpenBSD project. That said, it's always great to see projects taking advantage of OpenBSD as a base platform and we're happy to point such instances out to our readers.

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