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Pfctl optimizer in -current

Contributed by grey on from the henning gets his beer back dept.

Thanks to Foxy for keeping tabs on things and writing in with the following update:

Due to Mike Frantzen's work, pfctl optimizer is official in OpenBSD current sources. The Pfctl optimizer features:

'pfctl -o' ruleset optimizer that doesnt change the meaning of the final ruleset
- remove identical and subsetted rules
- when advantageous merge rules w/ similar addresses into a table and one rule
- re-order rules to improve skip step performance (can do better w/ kernel mods)
- 'pfctl -oo' will load the currently running ruleset and use it as a profile
to direct the optimization of quicked rules

See the complete CVS commit log entry archived here for details.

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  1. By Frank Denis ( on

    Is there any way to run the optimizer when pfctl is called at boot time ?

    1. By Andreas Kahari ( on

      You could edit your /etc/rc in the appropriate places if you want to... It's just before where /var and /usr gets mounted, just after netstart.


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