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Another *BSD related forum opens

Contributed by grey on from the not 100% related, but OpenBSD mentioned in each dept.

andre writes in with this announcement: This week a new BSD-related forum was started, at The main reason for these forums to exist is to provide a friendly place for the *BSD community to share knowledge. The goals of the forum include being completely ad-free, and avoiding unreasonable restrictions on the user policy -- "No money; no ads; no crud!"

Obviously, there's an OpenBSD-specific section :)

While those here at undeadly certainly encourage folks to discuss issues in the comments sections to our stories, we suppose it never hurts to have other discussion outlets (of course, don't forget the mailing lists). And, since we're not 100% on topic with OpenBSD in this posting, we might as well mention that there was an ONLamp interview with DragonFlyBSD developers, containing some complimentary words about OpenBSD written with regards to the release schedule and focus on security among other things.

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  1. By Venture37 ( on

    so far so good :D also check out #BSD on original post

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Also, you may want to check out which has been around for quite awhile now with the same purpose.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    "and avoiding unreasonable restrictions on the user policy" Maybe it's just me, but that seems *very* specific. I've seen a lot of forums that were created by the banned members of other forums - not at all uncommon in other things as well, such as business, churches, etc. Perhaps someone was banned from and is now starting their own forum?

    1. By WIntellect ( on

      Allow me to stress that *I* was not banned from any forums - and am still an active part them (just check the dates of my posts). However, one of my friends and I decided that the alternative(s) are not quite in the BSD spirit, THIS is why we started our own ~ "Help. Discuss. BSD"

      What would be the point of having a forum that restricts the support and development of the community it is trying to promote? I hope you understand; I'm NOT a BSD guru, just a member of the BSD community that wants to help it flourish!

      "FREE as in beer!"

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Hrmmmm..... I'm not exactly sure what alternative(s) you're speaking of but there's a lot of good BSD sites out there on the internet. I'm not opposed to someone starting another site, in fact it might even be a good idea. Ultimately the community will decide that. However, a broad sweeping statement claiming that alternative sites are not quite BSD in spirit is, in and of itself, not in the same vein of the very spirit you are trying to capture. I'd also say that user policies are what they are, sure bsdforums might have a restrictive policy but jeez man look at that community, 70 members is a far cry from the 13,000 or so bsdforums supports. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that 13,000 users requires a stricter user policy and at times that policy might step on peoples toes. I think that just goes with the territory. Not to say that your efforts are not appreciated. I personally think smaller communities are better, easier to manage, and in general can provide a much more personalized level of support. I wish your site well and hope you achieve the goals you have set out for yourselves. I'm sure the community will be watching...

        1. By J65nko ( on

          13,000 members on That is probably because of several DOS attacks, where script kiddies succeeded in registering dummy login accounts. A paste from the current home page "There are currently 25 members and 104 guests on the boards. | Most users ever online was 5072 on 11-13-2003 at 02:48 PM. All times are GMT +1 hour. The time now is 04:02 PM."

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            13,810 Members, Threads: 22,996, Posts: 129,643 Welcome to our newest member, vaiotop Need help ? Wish to help ? PARTICIPATE, ask, contribute & answer questions! PLEASE, NO SPAMMING, ADS, SITE PROMOS, READ FORUM RULES

    2. By andre ( on

      No, that's not the case, really, and in fact i don't remember anyone being banned from bsdforums (at least not without a reason). Still, we believe the rules enforced there are somewhat too strict, and that a more free community is possible.

  3. By tedu ( on

    bah, logins required. anyway, in the openbsd section there's somebody looking for powernow support for a k7. somebody go tell him i'll mail a patch to tech later tonight. :)


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