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Yet another PF www front-end.

Contributed by grey on from the get your hands less dirty I guess dept.

Noryungi writes: It's right here. You can get the code or see a demo. The interesting thing is that this front end works under FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Readers should note it looks as though this front end is under the GPL, go figure.

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  1. By Sam ( on

    I wonder what license their logo is under...

    1. By Commander Keen ( on

      I don't get it, there is a "thankyou" listed on this page:

  2. By kris ( on

    wow, the creator spent all his time creating the images and adding no options to the setup. i was thinking this was allowing for rule modification via the web, so on, apparently i was wrong ...

  3. By daleo ( on

    Are you always sympatic ?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      where the freaking moderator?

  4. By Chris Cappuccio ( on

    So, what a complete waste of time. Another front end that does nothing but give you a clickable CLI. And, only a tiny subset at best.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I can't understand why anyone would bother making something that just runs commands and shows the exact output exactly as if you ran the command. Definately a waste of time.

    2. By Patch ( on

      Why don't you hack together some code that is any better before you start complaining.Can't see why you would bad mouth this guy's project, he's giving something back to the community, what are you contributing besides discouraging projects like this?

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        No code was hacked together for this, it just runs existing openbsd commands and shows the output exactly as-is. There is no need for anyone to do a better job of this, beause it is retarded to begin with. If you want the output from some default openbsd commands, then run those commands, its pretty simple.

        1. By Mattice ( on

          Mmmhh... cron.daily shows output of commands you can type yourself ;)

  5. By Peter Dembinski ( on

    the best pf configuration frontend is vi :)

    1. By dafros ( on

      yeah.. vi rulez :)

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      there is, infact, only two other types of configuration tools anyway - right?that highlighting thing for vi, but that's kinda lame from a comparrison to CheckPoint FW-1 point of viewand fwbuilder which looks kinda cool but I can't for the life of me get to compile on OpenBSD 3.5

  6. By j0rd ( on

    This is actually a great replacement for something like `phpsysinfo`, i just installed it and was quite impressed. Works from cronjobs and php. It doesn't do much of anything except show stats and such (which you may or may not find usefull). I for one enjoy it and have it installed. good work to the author. note: seems to work from obsd's chroot just fine (unlike phpsysinfo, which requires binaries in the chroot). If he could improve the usefullness of the log parsing for lets say intrusion detection i'd be all for it. Looking forward to future releases.

    1. By Jason Dixon ( on

      Huh? What is a good replacement for phpsysinfo? Phpsysinfo is what this article is about.


    2. By aflab ( on


      The first idea is to be able to produce the statistics
      on a firewall which does not have a Web server and to be able to send the pages generated on another Web server

  7. By Nonesuch ( on

    Personally, I'm looking for new ways to take the output of pflog and display a graphical summary of "attack" traffic (ports, unique attacking hosts, etc) over time.


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