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OpenBSD Hackathon 2004

Contributed by grey on from the shut up and hack hack hack dept.

Thanks to Sam for reminding us to post a story about c2k4:

Theo announced on misc@ that the 2004 hackathon is in full swing. Many developers have congregated in Calgary to talk, hack and get stuff done -- the commits are already going in at a signficant rate.

Perhaps we'll see some pictures soon. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting CVS commits!

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  1. By Sean ( on

    I've always thought that this was a great idea. Is this idea original, or do many developers across many OSes do this?

    1. By Nate ( on

      The idea is not original, programmers coming together to work on a project for some rapid growth has happened before, however, the scale and distances involved are larger than I had heard of before learning of OpenBSD. The term hackathon is also something I'd not seen before OpenBSD.

    2. By Richie ( on

      To add to this question, has anyone here hosted/attended their own local hackathon? I've always wondered if smaller local BSD user groups did this sort of thing as well.

      1. By Peter Hessler ( on

        SFOBUG does it from time to time. We call it _Drunken Unix_, and do whatever we feel like. Generally personal projects, or what have you. We're thinking about having one in the near future, and we might actually do something for OpenBSD proper, but we'll see.

        1. By Richie ( on

          Any pictures or stories coming out of these gatherings?

            1. By gwyllion ( on

              Slacker! We want pictures. Everybody over there stop coding and start making some pictures :-)

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        sometimes happens during regional installfests though mostly users come there and do not hack anything

  2. By Claes Ström ( on

    Does that mean that submitted things here, not going to be published for a while?

    I submitted (Add Story) a "concept" today about grepping output from spamdb for known spam addresses to add spammers automatically to a local blacklist for spamd...

    How does it work, does somebody accept or reject before publishing of new "Stories" or does the site have some bugs?

    1. By grey ( on

      Right, you add a story, and then the editors review submissions and post the ones that they think are worth posting (sometimes doing a bit of spell checking or putting the story in context). As a result, there are naturally delays in this human driven process. Theoretically, since there are several editors, at least one of us will get to submitting the story within a reasonable time frame, but this has not always been the case. Sorry about any delays people have noticed. Thanks to everyone who has sent in submissions so far, that's really what keeps this going. I do see your submission and will get to reviewing (and probably posting it). Thanks for asking the question.

  3. By Fábio Olivé Leite ( on

    Anybody knows what are the specific subjects/areas for this hackathon, if any? (apart from SMP, of course)

    1. By Philipp ( pb@ on

      Wait and see.. It's all about the evil plans that pop up at night. Read source-changes.

      1. By gwyllion ( on

        Which commit are you referring to?I have the impression that not that many changes are being commited. Are there fewer developers than previous years? Are dhartmei, jason, drahn, frantzen, maja, hin, and tedu there?

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        By "evil plans" I'm sure you mean "hummppa music". As far as I can tell all the scariest commits come shortly after a long string of uninterrupted music of this type.

        1. By djm@ ( on

          Except for the developers who can no longer type, because they are using their finger to block their ears

    1. By gwyllion ( on

      Wow, miod lost his beard!


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