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Bootable OpenBSD Honeyd+Arpd CD

Contributed by grey on from the honeynet on a disc dept.

Thanks to Jason Murray for pointing out what looks like an interesting (albeit unofficial) combination of OpenBSD, Niels Provos' honeyd and more. Jason writes:

I saw this come in over the Security Tools mailing list. I hadn't seen it mentioned here and thought others might find it pretty interesting. Maybe I'll get time one day to try it out :)


   HOACD means Honeyd+OpenBSD+Arpd in a CD.  It is the implementation
   of a low-interaction honeypot that runs directly from a CD and
   stores its logs and configuration files on a hard disk.

   The CD is bootable and uses the OpenBSD operating system, the
   low-interaction honeypot daemon honeyd and the user-space arp daemon.


   The CD image is available at:

Reports and questions

   Bugs, suggestions and information, contact:
   Lucio Henrique Franco (


Brazilian Distributed Honeypots Project

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Is this x86 ? my cynicism says yes

    1. By Chris Walsh ( on

      That is what the README says, yes. cw

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        Hmmm ... seems I got modded down, I wonder if this for not reading the readme or not having x86

        1. By kokamomi ( on

          it's for being a cynic. stop whining.


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