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Building OpenSSH -Tools and Tradeoffs, for OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 on Solaris

Contributed by grey on from the portable OpenSSH is great, but having it as a default is better dept.

Thankfully, the numerous steps outlined in this article can merely be considered interesting reading for OpenBSD users. However, if you need OpenSSH on a platform where it isn't installed by default (who wouldn't in that scenario?) you should certainly find this level of detail useful. You can read the complete treatment here:

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  1. By djm@ ( on

    They recommend 3.7.1p2, that version is old and has a few (non-security) bugs. They get the meaning of some of the configure arguments wrong, especially --without-privsep-user, which doesn't do what they say. Worst of all they recommend the deactivation of privilege separation!

    1. By Mouring ( mouring@ on

      Just about as bad they don't advocate using our solaris package building scripts which are more advanced than theirs. =)

      - Ben


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