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Security Fix: multiple vulnerabilities in httpd

Contributed by grey on from the get patchin' dept.

Thanks again to Brad Smith for pointing this out:

Multiple vulnerabilites have been found in httpd(8) / mod_ssl. CAN-2003-0020, CAN-2003-0987, CAN-2004-0488, CAN-2004-0492. A source code patch exists which remedies this problem.

As always, the errata page can be found here. Patches are available for 3.5 and 3.4.

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  1. By Anthony ( on

    "Stack-based buffer overflow in the ssl_util_uuencode_binary function in ssl_util.c for Apache mod_ssl, when mod_ssl is configured to trust the issuing CA, may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a client certificate with a long subject DN." Do ProPolice and/or W^X protect against this?

    1. By Otto Moerbeek ( on

      Likely an overflow of a stack based buffer will be caught by ProPolice, turning a potential exploitable hole into a potential denial of service: the process will be killed if the buffer overflow occurs.

      That's why you still want to make sure the overflow does not happen at all.

      1. By Anthony ( on

        I figured that would be the case, as the advisory mentions it's on the stack.But usually when ProPolice catches it, they like to show off about it on the errata page.

  2. By SH ( on

    Anyone have more info on this one? The CAN-2004-0492 has a "blank" description.


    1. By Brad ( brad at comstyle dot com on

  3. By Anonymous Coward with outdated OpenBSD ( on

    I've applied the 3.4 patch to the 3.3's included Apache source... and seems to work fine.

    What the hell I'm doing? It's possible that patch works with apache 1.3.27?

    Thanks you.


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