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Theo: Alpha Hardware Wanted

Contributed by sean on from the seek and ye shall find dept.

Nate writes:

Recently on the OpenBSD Misc discussion mailing list Theo de Raadt
asked about getting some Alpha hardware:

"Just before BSDCAN, someone from Ottawa or Montreal offered to donate an alpha. I have found a developer who needs that machine now, but have lost the mail ... so I don't recall who it is. If you can, please get in touch with me again."

If we can't find whoever offerred in Ottawa, maybe someone else can step forward with a spare box?

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  1. By ViPER ( on

    Well, if he's living in holland he can pickup my DEC3000 anytime.
    It's complete with original OSF/1 cd's inc. Licences / docs & 22" back-braking monitor
    But thats (alpha or not) prob. not what he is waiting for.
    It makes my sparcstation 5 looks like a supercomputer.

  2. By CAMNE ( on

    I have an old Alpha Server that he can have... no install media, and currently running OpenBSD v3.4... hasn't been powered up in 3-4 months... go here: for the dmesg

  3. By chas ( on

    I have a) a multia, and b) a PWS-500a (500MHz EV5) with no ram, hard drive or cache module. Want either?

  4. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    It's good that you guys are offering hime these servers and all, but does Theo even check this site? I hope you guys are emailing him too and not just posting, hoping he'll drop by and post back...

    Just my $0.02.

  5. By alt ( on

    Just guessing, but he is in MTL and has a couple of Alpha boxes, could it be jfb@ ? I don't wanna assume he proposed to give one out but hey may be able to if you ask him gently ;)


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