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[Announcement] Seattle Area OpenBSD class

Contributed by grey on from the cheaper than your average MS intensive course dept.

Similar to an announcement reported on last year, Puget Sound Technology will be offering a course specific to OpenBSD systems administration June 22-24, 2004. While I can't comment personally, this could be a class worth checking out for those needing some hands on experience with OpenBSD.

Additional information may be found here:

I understand there are those who may find this a bit spendy, or simply too hard to get to geographically. Well, if price comparisons to comparable vendor training classes aren't convincing your managers to cover the expense of such a trip, maybe you can convince them to shell out for some other resources. You can endorse the benefits of having them buy you the new Secure Architectures with OpenBSD, Building Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF or even Absolute OpenBSD. If they're still utter cheapskates or you have those already, you can do some home study with the FAQ and man pages. Maybe those options aren't as cool, but you can save up for the next boot camp as you read through them.

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  1. By kris ( on

    This is located in my area. I will not be attending this of course. I do have to say I am skeptical of these 'classes' as they are merely a way to dive in and learn how to perform a task how they say to do it. The best way to learn is by practicing on your own. I agree that these can be good for corporate IT teams, but lets face it, many of them, dare i say it, 'Linux Certified', teaches absolutely nothing. All it does is gives IT members the thought they can throw a UNIX box on the net for a server and leave it be. Sorry folks, its a misconception.

    1. By jjennings089 ( on

      I also in the Seattle area, Puget Sound Technology has spoken at some of the events I have attended in the last year. While I have never attended one of their classes; I have meet people who have, and given these classes great compliments. The presentations that PST has given for these BSD / Linux groups have been very professional and packed with all kinds of excellent information.

      1. By kris ( on

        They seem to offer many classes. where abouts are you located?

  2. By bob ( bob SAPMSPAM DOT 2004 DOT 05 AT SPAM 2fm DOT de on

    Hi folks, im looking for some obsd training in Germany/Europe, my campany can pay but will not pay me a trip to the usa... any ideas? best bob p.s. i know and i will contact when the next days.


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