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BSDCan 2004

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Nick Brake writes:
Figured I'd mention that BSDCan 2004 was a great event this year! You can check out more info and pictures of the event at bsdnews. Theo gave a talk on exploit mitigation techniqes that absolutely rocked, I learned so much in that hour my head was spinning before we all hit the pub!

I just came back from this conference as well. Ryan McBride also did an entertaining presentation "Introduction to PF" where he demonstrated interactive fail over using CARP & PFSYNC with 3 Soekris machines and his laptop. Aside from the obvious bias, the two OpenBSD presentations were the best of the lot. There will be a BSDCan 2005 so make sure to come out next year give the FreeBSD people a run for their money! I am told the slides from each presenter will eventually be on the BSDCan 2004 website.

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  1. By MotleyFool ( on

    I'm sure at some point Ryan McBride's presentation will be added to the OpenBSD website. I would think that would be a better long term home than the BSDCan2004 website.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Is there an actual article linked there, or even audio/video if so, I can't seem to find it. I'd love to see, hear or read it... If you have a link, please post. TIA.

      1. By Token Attendee ( on

        Apparently the slides and video will be coming from all the presentations. They won't of course capture the spirit of the moment but they should be enough make one want to attend next year's


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