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SATA fix for AMD64/K8T800-based systems.

Contributed by grey on from the sometimes running -current is actually more functional dept.

Thanks to Janne Johansson who writes: We are quite a few Athlon64 owners that couldn't use OpenBSD (not even in x86 mode!) due to the fact that the SATAdriver used on K8T800chipset-based motherboards locked openbsd up and gave a Trap #6. Since quite a few Athlon64 motherboards did use that SATA feature, (Think it is the Via VT8237 specifically) we are happy to see now that this commit made our AMD64 systems work again.

If you are lucky enough to have an AMD64 system that you've been dying to run OpenBSD on but you've experienced problems, this might help you out. Alexander Yurchenko's CVS commit message from May 4th, 2004 can be found in this archive:

It looks like snapshots currently on ftp mirrors for both i386 & amd64 are dated from May 6th, which is after this commit was made. So if you are installing from scratch, snapshots might be easier to use than working with 3.5-release and then folding in the needed patch. Also, for those who will benefit from this change, keep in mind that this patch appears to be part of 3.5-current, and not the 3.5-stable tree.

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