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OpenBSD 3.5 - Product Shipping Delays

Contributed by sean on from the slinging discs ain't easy dept.

Mike writes:
Apparently, the OpenBSD shipment of CDs has been delayed by personnel changes. I'm told it may be 10 days (or more) before the CDs ship.

sean notes: I can confirm this but don't let that stop you from ordering!

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  1. By nuintari ( on

    one more reason to preorder as early as bloody possible, I've already got mine!

    1. By Michael ( on

      Hmmm. I did order in advance. I ordered as soon as it was announced that preorder was available---well in advance of 5/1.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      yup I got mine tuesday

  2. By Chris ( on

    I'm curious how many people have received theirs; I preordered as well and keep checking my mailbox to be dissappointed each day...but then maybe it will be there when I get home tonight...please...

    1. By anonymous ( on

      I, too preordered the OpenBSD 3.5 CD-set, but haven't received it yet. The time which it takes for packages to be transported "from anyone to anywhere" in Canada is five business days; the CDs started shipping on May 1st, which was a Saturday. So if the shipping began on Monday, the 3rd, they are probably going to arrive on the following Monday -- the 10th (4 days from the date of writing this).

      1. By Sam MacCutchan ( on

        Actually I think they began shipping before May 1st. I pre-ordered mine on March 24th, and I actually received a copy more than a week ago on April 27th. I also received a second copy two days ago, which I am going to send back since I only ordered one. They must not of recorded that they made the first shipment to me. I live in Ajax, Ontario but I couldn't tell from the postal markings what day either order left Alberta. -Sam

      2. By anonymous ( on

        Nope, didn't receive it today....

  3. By jkm ( on

    Do anyone know if any CDs have been shipped from OpenBSD Europe?

    1. By Sam ( on

      I ordered mine when it was first announced, however I haven't received mine.

      I generally expect a delay as it has to clear customs ( "no, WMD here " )

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Got mine (+shirt) today (may 7)

      1. By Stelianos G. Sfakianakis ( on

        Got mine (+shirt) today (may 7)

        You are luscky to live in Netherlands, next to Belgium where the CDs ship from! Here in Greece we have to wait more ...

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Got mine in scandinavia already.

        2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          i got mine today here in italy

        3. By Wim ( on

          Actually all our orders are shipped out in the order we get it (with some exceptions for bulk orders). So, the earlier you ordered, the earlier you'll get it. If people think it's taking too long to flush out hundreds of packages, please come to my home and help me ship ;-)

    3. By Benjamin Teugels ( on

      I ordered my stuff (CD set and a T-shirt) on on March 25th and received them last Thursday (May 6th). I live in Belgium, so the shipping doesn't have to go far :)

      For me personally, I don't find it a problem to receive my package a few days after the public release. After 3.5 became publicly available on the FTP servers on May 1st, I downloaded the entire i386 directory and the other necessary files (src.tar.gz, sys.tar.gz, XF4.tar.gz, ports.tar.gz and a few others) and stored them on my internal FTP server. I was lucky I think, I used an FTP server in France (listed on their mirrors page) which gave me a constant 500K/s download. Sunday I upgraded my 3.3 firewall to 3.5 using my internal FTP server, limiting the bandwidth on the public FTP servers (which were definately slowing down at that time).

      Since I ordered the CD's and a "Redundancy must be free" shirt (which is awesome btw), I had no "guilt" feelings by downloading the FTP tree to my home file server. This way I had the best of both worlds, an ordered package to arrive within a few days, and already a copy of the FTP tree here internally.

      When I received my package from I wiretransferred 100 euros to Wim's bank account (65 euros for the package and 35 as a little bonus for OpenBSD, it's not much but hey, it's something :))

      1. By Chris ( on

        I am still waiting on mine and ordered what you did (CD + tshirt) at about the same time. But I am in the US, not Europe. I also downloaded the 3.5 tree and am getting ready to upgrade...but I'd still like the order. :-) Soon I'm sure though, so no biggie.

  4. By acidos ( on

    I called up BSDmall yesterday late afternoon (EDT) as I needed to inform them about my change of address. They said they were getting 3.5 from the OBSD folks approx. 50 at a time. They said they should be shipping out of BSDmall today, but that they still don't have enough to meet all the preorders yet. Of course, since I only signed up about a year ago, I'm at the bottom of the list so I'm probably going to have to wait :(

  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Still haven't recieved one...


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