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Giacomo Cariello writes:
Preserving the tradition, OpenBSD will run its own booth at 2004, the biggest usergroups meeting event in Italy, from 6th to 8th of May. Wim Vandeputte and Giacomo Cariello will be present and also OpenBEER usersgroup members will attend the meeting. This year FreeBSD people from GUFI user group will be around too, for a much wider BSD presence at the event.

Furthermore, there will be a number of seminaries on OpenBSD-related subjects (more info at: and

Free daily passes for visitors are available at (print, fill in and give in at the entrance).

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  1. By Giacomo Cariello ( on

    1) From the of-course-it-runs-OpenBSD dept: 2004 will run core network routing on OpenBSD 3.5-stable. 2) From the advocacy dept: publishing company has printed a series of books regarding best seminaries and workshop of the past edition. OpenBSD presentation seminary was included, revised with the 3.4 enhancements. You can find it in bookstores and at event (with 20% discount).


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