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ONLamp: Diskless, Low-Form-Factor OpenBSD Systems

Contributed by phessler on from the look-ma-no-disks dept.

Stelios G. Sfakianakis writes "Running a low-power, low-maintenance PC can make your life easier in many ways, but managing and upgrading its Compact Flash cards can be frustrating. What if you built a diskless box that could boot from the network? Michael Lucas shows how to build a Soekris box running OpenBSD that boots over the network." While this article talks about using Cedric's patched versin of Grub, you should be able to do something similar with pxeboot(8) which first appeared in 3.5 (To be released tommorow)

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  1. By Jim ( on

    There is another good article here. Talks about how to use the PXE boot functions of the new boot-loader. If you need a little bit more of a background on using OBSD diskless, there is more here.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Thanks for the links Jim. Much appreciated!

  2. By Michael Lucas ( on

    Unfortunately, the original pxeboot commit was only days after I submitted this article. Mea culpa. That's the problem with working ahead. :-) FWIW, the FreeBSD diskless article I'm polishing covers pxeboot.

  3. By sthen ( on

    pxeboot is pretty straightforward - the main thing to remember is to tell the boot loader you're on a serial console (in $PXEROOT/etc/boot.conf).


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