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pf2k4 pictures

Contributed by grey on from the pf-hackers-at-play^H^H^H^Hwork dept.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster who writes: Some pictures from the first pf hackathon are on, see the happy campers. :)

It looks as though a few of these pictures are of some of the OpenBSD developers at the recently ended CanSecWest 2004.

As an FYI for those who were unable to attend: as usual, core04 had lots to offer the OpenBSD crowd this year. In addition to having an opportunity to meet many developers who attended (including the likes of Bob Beck, who helped to set up the wireless AP's this year), there were also some pre-release sales of the 3.5 CD's to attendees, a few new shirts being worn, and the "last copy of Secure Architectures with OpenBSD left in Vancouver" was seen floating around as well.

For those who missed it, we'll keep our eyes peeled for slides from the presentation Theo gave at the conference to post here as well. And yes, we realize he wasn't announced as a speaker originally. Surprises like that are just another reason to look forward to attending next year.

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  1. By Vesa ( on

    Heh heh nice one. Elakelaiset is pretty popular "humppapumppu" (band) here in Finland.

    1. By beck ( on

      If you're a Finn, please tell us all the meaning of "Humppa". We watched the entire Elaikalaiest DVD laughing like fiends and we listen to humppa all the time, but no developers can understand Finnish.

  2. By ViPER ( on

    Ahh who brought a windows machine in there ? :)
    Hope to see some cool results.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      What about these? Anyone know what they are?

      1. By Jordan ( on

        They look to me like network-based KVMs.

        1. By philipp ( pb@ on

          eh? noone needs such a thing here ;) no, those are mini-PCs from nexcom

          1. By Oli ( on

            Is this the EBS 1563P with the option compact flash, or some other model?

            1. By Philipp ( pb@ on

              1563P-ILP_whatever. yes, with flash

    2. By humpan kuninkaan hovissa ( on

      How about the Mac OS X machine? (The iBook G4 seems to have the Mac OS X cursor on it's screen so it can't be running macppc...)

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        But OS X is still a UNIX-like OS. That's not as bad as Windows... :)

  3. By Matt ( on

    Good to see other obsd geeks getting out on the trails. Any geeks in the Wash DC area up for a hike?

    1. By jon ( on

      that'd be fun... but is there any hiking in the dc area? i hate driving places.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      The best hiking in washington D.C. would be straight north to the canadian border, and claim refugee status ;)

  4. By Naikou ( on

    Someone should make a Slashdot story of this! We would see how Daniel's server once again handles slashdotting. ;)
    BTW, always nice to see pics of these kind of events. Will there still be c2k4?

    1. By Philipp ( pb@ on

      yes, somewhen in June, there will be c2k4 *yayayaya*

    2. By Bob Beck ( on

      It's not linux, it'd never make slashdot. Heck I don't think slashdot even covers linux anymore.

  5. By Segfau|t ( on

    I, for some oddly fanatical reason and, am interested to know how much optical cabling was pulled through the forest. hehe

    1. By Philipp ( pb@ on

      enough two connect two buildings ;-) well, i estimate something like 300m

      1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        300m of optical cable... That must've cost quite a bit...

  6. By MotleyFool ( on

    OK, does anyone else think that Beck looks like the comic book store owner from the Simpson's?

    1. By Bdoserror ( on

      That depends, which one is he? None of the pictures are labelled. Based on your comment, I can probably guess, but that's circular reasoning: Yes, if you think someone looks like the Comic Store Guy, then I can guess which one you mean, which, obviously, will look like CSG to me.

        1. By MotleyFool ( on

          yep, that's Bob. sorry, sometimes I assume other people know who I'm talking about because the developers pics have been posted on the net so many times. PS. Oh yeah, did you correctly guess CSG?

    2. By Bob Beck ( on

      Worst undeadly posting ever... Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes registering my disgust around the world :)

  7. By byte ( on

    Well-organized, uniformly dressed humans vs. some chaotic assembly of modern technology... almost a piece of art:

  8. By sean ( on

    thanks to these fine folks... the world is a much better place

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Aaah.. a pirate flag, a huge banner with a funny reference to Auswitsch, and people towing an industrial-sized roll of network cable through the woods... Geeks, you gotta lova 'em :) Anyway, I'll take this opportunity to thank all developpers for their effort in making, and continuously improving, my favourite OS.


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