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New OpenBSD platform added: luna88k

Contributed by Ash'aman on from the dept.

An obscure old unix workstation platform manufactured by Omron Corporation and based on a Motorola 88100 is the latest OpenBSD porting effort.

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  1. By Smoochy ( on

    Since how many years ago this computer has existed? More than OpenBSD maybe.

  2. By John ( on

    Why wasting time on such obsolete architecture? Is there a need at all? OpenBSD != NetBSD

    1. By tedu ( on

      if that's what he wanted to work on, why not? people work on what they want to. killing all the old ports wouldn't mean more developers working on new ones, it would mean fewer developers.

      1. By sean ( on

        Exactly. It has been stated time and again OpenBSD is about making the people working on it happy not the end users.
        As far as I know end users are just a side benefit of the team's efforts.

        1. By Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido ( on

          Which is not compatible with OpenBSD's modus vivendi, since OpenBSD needs support from happy end users (CD/T-shirt sales, donations...)

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            when let's make it compatible... with some new end user t-shirts...

            one fulltime developer: $100.000/year
            one intenet server: $10.000/year
            the end user side effect: priceless!

      2. By Dunceor ( on

        I agree also. It's his time and effort, he can do what ever he wants with it, and while doing it maybe some other dude other with this arch can get his old comp working. Good work aoyama@ and miod@!

        1. By Miod ( on

          All the credit should go to Kenji Aoyama. I only convinced him to commit his work (-:

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      You guys are saying that this will make ppl happy? honesly, how many of you ppl are going to use this port? let me think, best case scenario=2? 1? zero?

      1. By Miod ( on

        You might me surprised.

        Although these machines are pretty uncommon, there is a real hobbyist community around them (and the same can be told of the mvme88k systems).
        Providing them with a modern, maintained, operating system is worth doing.

        In fact, I would not have suggested this port to be commited in the main OpenBSD tree if I was not expecting it to be used by more than one person.
        This will never be a mainstream port, of course. But it's fun, it helps ensuring OpenBSD is portable and spotting clever bugs, too. So why not bring it aboard?

      2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

        It should make those 1 or 2 people happy. Atleast 1 of those people is the developer that made the port. That should be enough. :)

  3. By Peter Dembinski ( on

    I would rather have OpenBSD on my iPAQ :)

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Looking forward to your work.

  4. By Ash'aman ( on

    Porting to other platforms can sometimes help to reveal bugs which otherwise might never have been noticed. It can also help developers find problems with the compiler. If you follow the CVS activity for some of the platforms you will see that some really sophisticated hacking is taking place, for example Miod's work on mvme88k is truly impressive stuff, especially considering how long it takes to build world on some of these machines. ;- )

    1. By Bruno Rohée ( on

      He's got so many computer than them being slow is not a limiting factor.

  5. By Theo Deraadt ( on

    It's no wonder that Omron is an anagram for MORON.

    1. By Nate ( on

      For Modding posts positive and negative.

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      It's actually Theo *de* Raadt. (Note the space between de and Raadt) I don't think it's him.


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