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OpenBSD based snort dist

Contributed by sean on from the quit forking around dept.

Fisktank writes:

I found this OpenBSD based snort dist. It looks like it could be useful.

    * A modified OpenBSD 3.4 installer. The installer takes care
      of the installation, it will ask you a few questions and do
      the installation and configuration for you!
    * Acid (Mysql, PHP etc etc)
    * Snort 2.0.6
    * Includes oinkmaster, snortalog.

A link can be found here: OpenIDS 1.1

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  1. By Me ( on

    Very nice, installed it without any problems, runs like a dream...this saves a lot of work !

    1. By rob ( on

      and now there is a fast download mirror! no more waiting :)

  2. By Wouter ( on

    Will this run fine on a 486dx2 with 24mb ram ? Seems interesting... Since that box only needs packetfilter and some extras to run ..

    1. By FJ ( on

      get 64meg chip and be happy, or get an CFLASH2ide stuff and a 128MB card


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