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Documenting security issues in the OpenBSD Ports & Packages Collection

Contributed by robert on from the port-and-packages dept.

Security issues that affect the OpenBSD Ports & Packages Collection are documented using the Vulnerabilities and Exposures Markup Language (VuXML).
We decided to create this document because It is more easier for a user to follow security issues in one place. A page is availabe for this on the following URL
A mailing list will be available soon, so you can subscribe if you want to recieve security announces about OpenBSD ports & packages.
If you want to have the VuXML document itself, you can do it with CVS.

$ cvs -d co vuxml/vuln.xml

An RSS feed is also available now:

Feel free to comment and please give ideas if you have.

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    Any chances for a little box on the right of the undeadly main page with the latest info from that site?

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      We'll see, what can we do about it.

      1. By Daniel Hartmeier (2001:470:1f00:250:1::1) on

        Happy? ;)

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          Overjoyed! :D

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      Very nice indeed...


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